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Travel insurance when living overseas

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squifflybobs Sun 08-May-11 20:17:42

I moved out with my family to New Zealand 8 months ago and am going back to the UK with the children for a month in a couple of weeks. DS2 (6 months) was born here, so not currently on any travel insurance policy. DS1 is on my UK travel insurance, but I am going to let it lapse when it expires as it's only valid for journeys starting and ending in the UK.

I've just been looking for a new policy with an NZ travel insurance co, but they are generally only issued to NZ residents (we are on 5 year work visas). Searching online, the only policies I seem to be eligible for are specialist ones obviously targeted at backpackers and which are hugely expensive. Does anyone know of any reasonable alternatives? This may just be the cost of living overseas - we paid huge premiums for one way travel insurance on the way out, although it was (partly) justified in my case as I was pregnant.
Think we will apply for residency asap!

TheBride Mon 09-May-11 05:58:03

First of all, well done for even thinking about it. So many people I know are still renewing their UK policy without realising that it doesnt cover you if you're not a UK resident.

Anyway, you should find that if you live in NZ you are a NZ resident, even if you're not planning to stay forever, so you should be able to apply for those policies.

If in doubt, call an insurance broker and ask them which ones would be best. I'm sure it's a question they're used to.

BizzeeBee Mon 09-May-11 07:04:27

I am in France, and got UK style expat travel insurance with Columbus Direct. I see they sell policies in New Zealand. Like TheBride says, I imagine you would be classified as being a NZ resident if you have been there 8 months.

Sibble Mon 09-May-11 08:44:22

I have permanent residency but maybe rather naively had always just taken out travel insurance with Southern Cross prior to that. Have just booked for our trip back this year. Agree, give some suppliers a call and see what they can do. I would recommend taking some out, as you won't be covered when you go 'home' as I found out on one trip. PS I don't work for Southern Cross! PPS Hope you're settling in well here.............

squifflybobs Mon 09-May-11 22:01:26

Hi thanks for replies. We're (sadly) not classed as permanent residents as you have to apply for it from immigration after you've been here 2 years - we're just here on 5 year work visas. I've checked with a few insurance brokers. I've found one who will give us a policy to cover flight time on way back, and then I have to arrange return leg with their UK office before I come back. This will be fine (and not too expensive) for journeys to and from the UK - but as it only covers going back to country of origin not sure what we'll do when we want to go on holiday outside NZ. It also wouldn't cover me for things like losing baggage etc when we're in the UK (although at least we'll have the NHS, which is what I'm most bothered about with children!)

I will give both southern cross and columbus direct a buzz, sounds like columbus might be the answer - thank you very much. We emmigrated when I was 7 months pregnant so that's the reason I thought of it - was a nightmare getting insurance then!

kreecherlivesupstairs Wed 11-May-11 10:33:42

I think we are covered if we book by CC. Certainly were in Swtizerland and I"ve had this convo with DH this morning. If you book your flight/holiday your CC gives you some insurance. Not sure what though.
DH uses worldnomads when he goes to Thailand, that covers him to scubadive.

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