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Thinking of moving to Palma De Mallorca

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Zondra Sun 08-May-11 15:32:55

Hi, just wanting to hear anyone's experience of living in Palma?

Tips on international schools & anything else greatly appreciated!

Off, out to Palma in 10 days on a fact-finding mission-again, any pointers on what we should check out & do when we visit would be fab.


sailorsgal Mon 09-May-11 11:51:34

I lived for a short time on majorca but it was some time ago and didn't have children then. it is a gorgeous island but it wasn't particularly cheap even back then.

i did meet an engliish lady who lived near Palma recently who had two boys in an international school and said her boys loved it and it was significantly cheaper than prep schools here. She did say that they don't really speak much spanish which seems a bit of a shame..

when you are there maybe speak to some english people who live there to really get a feel for it.

RamblingRosa Mon 09-May-11 11:56:55

Sorry haven't lived there but have been on holiday there and am very envy at you (maybe) moving there.

It's absolutely beautiful. Lovely city. Lucky lucky you.

Ramblas is lovely. The art gallery and restaurant by the docks is lovely. The cathedral and the museum next to it (sorry, terrible at remembering names!) are beautiful. It's a small enough city to just mosey around and get a feel for it.

sailorsgal Mon 09-May-11 12:01:04

The lady I met said they had had one of their coldest winters last year.

josamosa Thu 07-Jul-11 10:12:11

Just found this thread. We live SW of Palma, kids at international schools.Pls reply if you are still looking for info.

Trelorne Sat 23-Jul-11 22:58:27

Hi. Don´t want to hijack but am just about to move to Mallorca from the mainland for a year. Not sure if I´ve anything useful to impart but would be nice to make contact. Best of luck if you´re still around.

Indaba Thu 28-Jul-11 01:37:09

rubbish post, sorry, but been there on hols and loved it!
good luck!

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