Happy mothers day Aussie mums

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nothingnatural Sun 08-May-11 05:25:14

Did the mothers day classic walk with dd1 this morning. Just had a few wines at the local pizza joint. Now out to a friends leaving dh in with the footy - he can only take so much family in one day.

Hope you're all having a lovely time.

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lulalullabye Sun 08-May-11 07:04:57

I am. Nice picnic in the park and now roast lamb. Mmmmmm!!!
Perfect day :-))

echt Mon 09-May-11 09:25:00

As I've posted elsewhere, was on my own on the day; packing to move.

Sounds like I'm moving on the sly, without DD and DH, but just circumstances.

Between boxes I watched re-runs of "The Big Bang Theory".

I'm trying to perfect Sheldon's humourless "hunh, hunh", but don't quite know where I'll get to use it.

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