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Any advice for living in Kuala Lumpur...

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barbie1 Thu 05-May-11 12:28:25

..would be greatly appreciated smile

Dh dropped the bombshell yesterday.

Currently in Dubai, used to not being home in the UK so i'm ok with the move. Spent the last two years making Dubai 'home' and now I'm going to have to start again in a country i know nothing about sad

So please helpful Mnetter's, any information you could pass onto me ie, good nursery's for dd (14 months), a nice area to live, gyms, supermarkets, etc etc would be fantastic.

Thanks in advance.

latermater Fri 06-May-11 09:21:40

I am moving there from uk in August with DCs aged 6 and 7 to join DH who started new job 8 weeks ago. Have just returned from 2weeks there with DCs visiting schools and some of the sights. So don't know about nurseries but a bit about ex pat neighborhoods from very recent property search. I will pm you when I have had few hours kip- very jetlagged and have just packed DCs off to school! When are you heading there? Would be keen to meet up once we both arrive. Main feeling was shock at just how hot and humid it really is but it will probably feel cooler to you!

barbie1 Fri 06-May-11 11:59:36

Thank you so much, hope you get over the jet lag soon. Would love to meet up, we haven't a set date yet, looking to be about september at the moment.

flagging Fri 06-May-11 15:44:11

My parents lived in KL for years (until 2009). They always favoured the diplomatic quarter as it is leafy and yet near to town. Loads of expats live there in low rise apartments (with pools etc) some local Chinese shops even stocked UK brands. There was an international/american school that most kids went to.

barbie1 Fri 06-May-11 16:49:32

Thanks for replying flagging. I will get dh to look into the Diplomatic quarter. smile

echt Mon 09-May-11 09:33:24

You will have to go to De Foodland, which, despite its shite name, does astounding and affordable things with crab. 26, in fact.

You will need to be hosed down by the end of the sesion.

Also the lamb stew called Bah Ko Tey (approx) - only to be bought on roadside joints.


flagging Mon 09-May-11 10:41:11

Heres the school I was talking about

There's also the Fairview International School in the diplomatic zone (near Jalan Ampang).

This area is also home to the Gleneagles Hospital which is very good and the British Club etc.

I asked my mum and she also mentioned the suburbs of Bangsar, Bukit Damansara and Damansara Heights as being popular with the expats they knew. But further from the city.

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