Aussie MNers - Tree Change Help (Newcastle Hunter)

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Bubbaluv Thu 05-May-11 05:21:40

Hello lovely Aussie Mners! I know this is a long-shot, but we are considering a bit of a tree-change and wondered if anyone can give me any thoughts?

We are thinking of leaving Sydney and buying a farm/farmstay/B&B type arrangement within an hour of Newcastle.
Newcastle is the focus at the mo because Newcastle Grammar seems like a good school and I don't want to compromise the kids' education too much just for an improvement to our lifestyle.

SO - any thoughts on nice areas that feel nice and rural but are close enough to Newcastle for a school commute?
Any thoughts on Newcastle Grammar?
Is Hunter Valley Grammar another contender on the school front?

Any advice very gratefully received!

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Bubbaluv Thu 05-May-11 11:02:11

Down Under Bump

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