New to Mumsnet and new to living in the USA

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samfriday Tue 03-May-11 00:09:03

Hi everyone, I was recommended mumsnet by my SIL as she thought I may find some mums in similar situations. Myself and hubby moved to SF Bay area in November (for 18 month work contract) and in January were pleased to find out we are expecting smile More recently this has been 'amended' to expecting twins and now at 18 weeks are starting to find out the minefield that is preparing for our first babies!

I really just wanted to know whether there was anyone who could offer tips and advice in relation to similarities/differences here to the UK and any recommendations. I know a little about childcare from college courses but most of my experience has been out of nappies (I taught Key Stage 1 and 2 in England)!

Thanks and looking forward to hearing from other mums smile

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redflipflops Tue 03-May-11 00:32:28

Hi Samfriday and welcome to MN smile is a good place to find local Mothers groups - maybe also Mom's of Multiples or expat groups.

There is a Living in America thread in this Living overseas section - for questions about life/stuff in the US

And you'll get lots of great advise and support on Mumsnet for general becoming a parent/babies/twins type stuff!

redflipflops Tue 03-May-11 00:35:16

oh and congratulations grin

MadamDeathstare Tue 03-May-11 02:45:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

fridakahlo Tue 03-May-11 02:51:20

Hi Samfriday, twins and in San Francisco! Very exciting. Not done the whole pregnancy thing this side of the pond (and don't intend to) but on the living in america thread plenty of the other members have. Penguins Army springs to mind straight away.
I'm up in New Jersey so not anyway near but will try and chip in anyway!
madam deathstare we had been looking for you, did the tornadoes pass you by? Hope they did smile

CheerfulYank Tue 03-May-11 02:54:56

Hi Samfriday , and welcome! I live in Minnesota (always have) so not near you, but what would you like to know specifically? smile

MadamDeathstare Tue 03-May-11 03:02:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.


fridakahlo Tue 03-May-11 03:27:48

Just posted on the other thread.

mathanxiety Tue 03-May-11 05:02:03

Congratulations, Samfriday -- Go to your local public library and trawl the noticeboards for moms' groups. Moms of Multiples might be right up your alley. Check out garage sales for used equipment.

MadameDeathstare, glad to see you're ok. Must have been terrifying.

tadjennyp Tue 03-May-11 06:04:00

Congratulations samfriday. I live in Oregon and had a baby 12 weeks ago so I can compare both systems. I post regularly on the living in America thread. Check to see if your OB/GYN offers ante-natal (pre-natal) classes, or perhaps the hospital does. That would be a way of meeting people whose babies are due at the same time.

So glad you are ok madamedeathstare.

samfriday Tue 03-May-11 17:45:43

Thank you everyone for your suggestions. I will definitely check out mothers clubs and the library. I had a quick look at the living in America thread and found a few useful comments already!

We have already been to one prenatal class and met another mum who is due a couple of days before me which is great. She is also a first time mum so it has been fun to compare all that has happened so far.

I don't really know just yet what I want to find out - it all just seems a little overwhelming with choices about everything! I am sure I will be posting and searching more on here as time goes on. smile

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