Good, family friendly restaurants in Melbourne?

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overthesea Thu 28-Apr-11 16:20:17

I want to make a list of places to eat out in Melbourne for our imminent visit. Preferably Italian or European cuisine. Any Melbourne MNs got a suggestion? Must accept kids wink

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lulalullabye Fri 29-Apr-11 01:06:45

Where are you staying ??

sunnydelight Mon 02-May-11 08:04:18

I could give you a lovely list of grown up restaurants following a very decadent childfree w/e DH and I spent in Melbourne in the Summer but unfortunately they won't meet your needs as they were all chosen with the specific reason that there wasn't a child in sight grin

I was amazed at the Italian influence in Melbourne so you shouldn't have any problems. My friend who lives there with a 9 yo often eats out around St. Kilda. If you manage to escape the sprogs for an evening or lunchtime I would really recommend the original Movida. Mouthwatering. You would probably get away with taking older kids (say 8 plus) there if they like trying different things. My 12 yo is desperate to try steak tartare after my rather drooling description of the Movida version.

flagging Mon 02-May-11 12:34:43

Hi (name change) we are staying in CBD and then moving down to Elwood. Good to hear about italians as my kids love their food.

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