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Any British communities celebrating The Wedding?

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empirestateofmind Wed 27-Apr-11 15:48:54

The British community in Singapore are celebrating in style this week at the British Club. There are loads of events and the place is decorated beautifully.

Singapore tv will be showing the wedding live, it will be in the late afternoon here.

I am wondering if similar events are going on elsewhere round the world.

Kiwinyc Wed 27-Apr-11 21:01:00

I'm in Doha and one of the schools here (Sherborne) is having a Street Party, in the school, held by the PTA...!

Geocentric Thu 28-Apr-11 01:42:35

Here in Brazil (Sao Paulo) we have been invited to watch the "best moments" on a large screen at the pub in the BCCC building at the end of the day (they save the free champagne and the bunting for the Queen's birthday grin).

I'm going to watch it live with my mum and mil, though - my mil is hosting an English Breakfast (will be on at 7am here!)... We ae going to wear Hats. grin

Lollypolly Thu 28-Apr-11 04:57:55

Was at the British Club in Singapore last night (failing miserably at the Royal quiz night with a group of girlfriends). Looking forward to watching it on TV with DDs just before they go to bed (DH will be in the US).

DD1 has been writing royal wedding invitations and learning about the royal family at school.

madwomanintheattic Thu 28-Apr-11 05:16:23

i'm getting the dc's out of bed at 3am to watch it grin <canada> not found a party yet though. there's still time. dd2 had a princess party at brownies last week...

empirestateofmind Thu 28-Apr-11 05:22:32

<waves at Lolly as she must be nearby>

No bunting Geo? Still it sounds like you will be having a good time. I like the idea of hats.

I am wondering about getting a red, white and blue pedi.

Kiwinyc our DC's school is doing a celebratory afternoon tea next week for parents. They are still on hol here now.

empirestateofmind Thu 28-Apr-11 05:25:37

You are really getting them up at 3am madwoman? Good luck!

mateysmum Thu 28-Apr-11 05:29:53

Lots of hotels in Dubai are doing events and people have been searching for bunting. The wedding will be screened on TV and our ruler Sheik Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Mahktoum has an invite as he's very buddy with the royals.

madwomanintheattic Thu 28-Apr-11 05:42:48

empire - ds thinks he might watch it later in the day. grin dd1 is dead keen and wants to watch everything. dd2 thinks she's dead keen but wants me to wake her up when they get to the Abbey...

i haven't seen anything of the run-up (save for a brief and bizarre five minutes looking at magazines in walmart) so i figured we'd go for broke on the day. will be mainlining tea and bacon sarnies though. grin

and may fall asleep at the crucial moment. but then i can watch it later with ds anyway...

dh is fortunately away with work and is mostly convinced i have lost my marbles.

laptopwieldingharpy Thu 28-Apr-11 05:51:41

OH! am so upset not to be in Singapore for the champagne/cream cake parties......

All my (new) HK friends are on holiday or working, so just me and a friend <sulk>

empirestateofmind Thu 28-Apr-11 06:00:38

I have some rather classy Union Jack fabric bunting up at home. I found it in a very English shop here. DH raised his eyebrows- he thinks I have lost the plot.

DMIL and I have arranged to talk on Friday so we can discuss The Dress and everything after we have both watched it all nearly 11,000km apart.

madwomanintheattic Thu 28-Apr-11 06:04:03

i'm going to get the dcs to make union jacks to hang on the balcony tomorrow. it's still blardy snowing though, so not really sure if i'm going to end up with anything other than a soggy dripping red and blue mess...

<small snigger at 'balcony'. not anything like the buck house version where no doubt we will be treated to 'the kiss' a la charles & di. do you think they've been practising?>

empirestateofmind Thu 28-Apr-11 06:29:08

I bet they have been practising. I wonder if they got Harry to give marks out of ten grin.

ExpatAgain Thu 28-Apr-11 07:58:54

people are interested here but v low key. afaik, no events planned apart from british people meeting up in each other's homes to watch. wouldn't mind practising a balcony kiss with W ;)

kreecherlivesupstairs Thu 28-Apr-11 08:17:24

Nothing planned in Anwerp as far as I know. DD told me this morning that she will be wearing red, white and blue to school.
I think, that as the majority of students at her school are either Indian or Dutch there is little interest. TBH, I am not remotely interested either.

frakyouveryverymuch Thu 28-Apr-11 09:05:47

No events planned but it's being screened live on about 5 channels! I hope they subtitle rather than interpret....

I'm going to make cucumber sandwiches.

dilbertina Thu 28-Apr-11 12:09:41

Junior British School of Paris is having a "street party" (or in the Hall if wet...) children can dress as prince or princess, or for a wedding, or in red, white and blue - so plenty to choose from. I am making sandwiches. I have been told to remove crusts - my children will be delighted, I always make them eat them. I also am contributing Cadbury chocolate fingers which my children will be even more delighted about.

scaryteacher Thu 28-Apr-11 15:04:31

Guest list closed at the Embassy here in Brussels as 400+ going. I declined and will watch at home with a mug of tea and quiet.

empirestateofmind Fri 29-Apr-11 03:56:11

I am watching Sky News now, there is coverage of yesterday's preparations. Full live coverage starts in about two hours time.

kreecherlivesupstairs Fri 29-Apr-11 08:50:16

Hold on a minute scaryteacher, I wasn't invited to any blardy celebration at the Embassy in Belgium.
The fact that I wouldn't have gone is immaterial.

kreecherlivesupstairs Fri 29-Apr-11 08:50:39

Maybe it is just for those posh people who live in the capital?

scaryteacher Sun 01-May-11 20:33:05

I'm not posh Kreecher - just connected! wink

kreecherlivesupstairs Mon 02-May-11 07:45:19

Ahh, I see. I did see the wedding with the company of a slightly bonkers sales assistant in Van Derboorne (sp). I'd gone in to get DD some hair thing for her birthday and bonkers woman told me it was my duty to watch it.

papooshka Mon 02-May-11 10:16:59

We in Singapore were at a friends house, all decorated with bunting and union jacks, cream tea, dainty sandwiches and pimms....was FAB!!

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