Advice needed on future move

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steben Mon 28-Mar-11 15:00:14

I am interested to see if anyone has been in this situation - potted history - married to an Aussie guy - he has lived with me here for the past 8 years and is now desperate for us to go back. We have 2 dc- 1 - 3 - and a good life (apart from DH hating climate).

He said the other day he wants to move in the next year or so and I now feel like I have some kind of axe hanging over me. I don?t like/want a close relationship with my in laws who manage to cause trouble despite being thousands of miles away and I just dread the isolation. My DH is not overly sociable and I know I can make friends but the fact is that I am no longer in my 20's and able to go out and socialise like I used to. I am worried about the strain it will put on marriage and becoming depressed - yet I fear for DH if he stays here as he is starting to really resent it and I want him to be happy. We are not geographically that close to my family here but see them about every 6 weeks so I could cope with not being so close to them I think even though it would be hard.

Anyone have any experience of this - how did you cope?

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