Anyone in France?

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gorionine Sat 19-Mar-11 14:42:41

OMG it seems I will have to purchase the entire site! So many things I want!

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gorionine Sat 19-Mar-11 14:38:37

Thank you ever so much! And so fast as well!grin

You can listen to the album on the site you linked so it will keep me patient but I will order myself the "coffret" because I have missed those stories so much! I will try with my card from here and if it does not work I will beg the next person I know who goes to France to get it for me!grin

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SchrodingersCatFliesToOz Sat 19-Mar-11 14:31:14
you will need a french card to order I think.
you can hear it though on the link I gave you (probably not entirely)

gorionine Sat 19-Mar-11 14:26:24

Fernandel not Fernadel!

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gorionine Sat 19-Mar-11 14:25:51

I am looking for an audio version of "Les Lettres de Mon Moulin" read by the actor Fernadel. I'm looking particularely at to find "La Chevre de Monsieur Seguin". Could be an old LP, tape or CD , even just a download copy it does not matter but has to be audio. I did look on Amazone but could only find the book version.

I have also found this site but canot download from the UK for some reason.

Has any of you come across it and could point me in the right direction to find it?

Thanks in

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