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Hey, Adelaideans

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Tortoiseonthehalfshell Wed 09-Mar-11 05:49:31

I feel sure we all met up a year ago, had a great time, and assured each other that we'd do it again soon.

So is anyone keen? I know there's a few of us, and I've seen at least two more pop up over the last year (not that I can remember names) so it could be good fun.

We could do another dinner/drinks thing, or a weekend bring-the-kids event?

Cousinit Wed 09-Mar-11 10:43:40

Hi there. Sadly we have returned to the UK :-( Hope you are all doing well and have a drink for me if you have another meetup x

Tortoiseonthehalfshell Thu 24-Mar-11 06:11:33


DSH Sun 27-Mar-11 06:42:45

i'm keen.


differentnameforthis Mon 09-May-11 11:25:24

Bump! smile

lulalullabye Mon 09-May-11 12:19:43

Hello. O can now say 'yes'. Count me in !!

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