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Big earthquake in Christchurch

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ZacharyQuack Tue 22-Feb-11 01:52:26

Hope all Cantab MNers are safe.

storygirl Tue 22-Feb-11 01:55:38

Me too, I am up in Wellington and so freaked out by it all.Have tried to call some family but of course all the lines are down.I cant believe they have to go through all this again.

BigChiefOrganiser Tue 22-Feb-11 01:59:02

My family has just been in touch on FB, so internet is running

sharbie Tue 22-Feb-11 02:11:53

Just seen this on news in uk - hope everyone's ok.Says on tv some internet down.

WhatSheSaid Tue 22-Feb-11 02:49:37

They're asking everyone not to use mobile phones for non-urgent calls, to avoid overloading the networks - there are people in Christchurch who will be needing to use their phones to try to get through to emergency services.

Just got back from kindy, one of the mums there has brother and parents in Christchurch, she was desperately trying to get through to them.

Awful, just awful. Could you feel it in Wellington? I have heard it was felt pretty far afield.

ZacharyQuack Tue 22-Feb-11 02:55:48

My sister is in Chch. She was at the pub having lunch when it hit, said she ended up under the table clutching her glass of wine with no idea how she got there. She was very grateful that the wine survived.

Apparently it was felt in Wellington, but I didn't notice it.

justabouthappy Tue 22-Feb-11 03:01:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Sibble Tue 22-Feb-11 03:52:54

Phone lines seem to be out in general, we're in Auckland and there are no international or local lines. Internet working though. I guess lines are overloaded. Just lucky dh in Rotorua today and not Christchurch.

ben5 Tue 22-Feb-11 03:59:02

they say to text and not phone for now.

WhatSheSaid Tue 22-Feb-11 04:03:24

Yeah I just dialled my mobile to check and am getting engaged tone. Think the networks just totally overloaded at moment. Won't be trying to use phone again! Army are being sent in to Christchurch to help. Shocking to see Christchurch Cathedral destroyed. Even worse to think of all the people in there and other buildings.

lavenderbongo Tue 22-Feb-11 04:04:22

Im in Wellington and I didn't feel anything - only heard about this when I got home from work.
Hoping all the MNers in Christchurch are OK.

lavenderbongo Tue 22-Feb-11 04:09:28

DH works in the centre of Wellington and he said they did apparently feel it there.

Shells Tue 22-Feb-11 04:35:58

My family all there. Very scary for them. Thankfully all ok. We are in Wellington. Its supposed to happen here rather than there....

HowsTheSerenity Tue 22-Feb-11 05:18:49

I am watching the footage on the news now. There are hotel collapsed, busses crushed and they are saying multiple casualties.
I do hope that everyones family and friends are safe and well.

thanksamillion Tue 22-Feb-11 06:30:25

My sister is there and I can't get hold of any news. Just hoping everyone's ok.

PieMinister Tue 22-Feb-11 06:47:17

Hoping you are all okay NZ mumsnetters and friends and family...

thanksamillion Tue 22-Feb-11 06:52:11

thank goodness - just heard that my sister and her husband are ok. Thinking of any of you who haven't heard yet

legspinner Tue 22-Feb-11 07:00:34

Hope all you ChCh MNers are OK and your loved ones are OK too
Another Welly person here who didn't feel it (nor did DH or the DCs).
thanksamillion fingers and everything else crossed for you.

legspinner Tue 22-Feb-11 07:01:12

x-posted thanksamillion, so glad to hear that!

TechnoKitten Tue 22-Feb-11 07:07:56

Hope any and all Chch MNers and their families are OK.

We didn't feel it in Nelson (but then we didn't feel the first one either).

Truly terrible to have happened just as the city was beginning to rebuild.

nymphadora Tue 22-Feb-11 08:07:54

Hoping you all are ok. Anyone know where the uni is relation to the quake? dh friend works there.

WhatSheSaid Tue 22-Feb-11 08:12:13

Nymphadora I haven't seen any reports of damge to the uni. The central city seems worst affected.

lavenderbongo Tue 22-Feb-11 08:15:04

I have a friend whos daughter is at the Uni - its OK apparently.

nymphadora Tue 22-Feb-11 08:17:39

Thanks! Not sure of the geography of the city. Keep thinking about him being separated from his kids & wife as that's one of my nightmares.

kiwifruitisfun Tue 22-Feb-11 08:27:50

I have managed to get through to my former husband who lives near Christchurch. He is fine smile

I have sat in Cathedral Square hundreds of times as I lived in NZ for many years.

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