Brussels - Musée du Jouet or somewhere better?

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natation Sun 20-Feb-11 18:24:49

Hi there
our children's fondamentale is on teacher training day on monday 28th February - I think it is all Catholic primaires/maternelles. Anyway, I am trying to organise a day out together for the children (and their parents and siblings) in the same year as our little one. I love the musée des Sciences Naturelles or the musée des Instruments ds Musique, but they are closed on Mondays. I can't really think of an alternative place in Bruxelles other than the Musée du Joeut, but it is closed between 12 and 2pm!!!! I've never been there either, so don't know how good it will be for a group of children aged 5 or 6. Anyone with any opinions? Or can anyone suggest somewhere better? I'm reserving an outdoor day-out for a class picnic later in the year, otherwise I'd go for Kessel-lo or Hofstade or de Nekkar. So really anywhere indoors is best, anyone got any ideas?

Any other MN parents taking the day off for this teacher training day would be welcome to come along with us, I think the year now has 15 nationalities and 14 different languages, just about everyone speaks French and something else.

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Portofino Tue 22-Feb-11 21:33:22

The Musee des Enfants here appears to do school groups by appointment. if there are a lot of you that might be an option?

I thought of the Comic Strip Museum, but that too is closed on Mondays....

Or Scientastic? Again you can book for a group....

Portofino Tue 22-Feb-11 21:36:01

And outside again but Ferme Nos Pilifs

Portofino Tue 22-Feb-11 21:39:37

Or further afield, Planckendael and Technopolis are open every day....

LongtimeinBrussels Thu 24-Feb-11 09:36:06

I was also going to suggest Technopolis and dd's been a few times and always enjoyed it.

We were underwhelmed by the Space Museum (and it's quite far away) so I wouldn't suggest going there.

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