We're going to Vienna. Best to go all together?

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C4ro Sat 19-Feb-11 20:20:38

My DH has just taken a job in Vienna, starting May 1st, so we need to sort out how we're going to all get there. My job is a busy 4 days a week and the company want to keep me so I will be able to make some sort of contract based on me living/ working in Vienna too. He'll have 50% travel and I, when DD is about 1 year old will also start travelling again (I've agreed to go back to full time then) but probably only 20% of the time.

We're currently based in the Netherlands. DD is in nursery 4 days a week which she seems to really like- she is 6 and a half months old.

There is a 3 month notice period to cancel her place here at the nursery for a start. I have no idea what we should set up for childcare in Vienna bearing in mind our jobs will change a bit in 6 months. We are looking to buy a house in Vienna too which might take some time to sort out. If we go in May, I think it will mean temporary accom first and I really don't fancy the disruption to move twice so soon together. Especially as I can forsee that I, with my very basic German, will be mostly on my own sorting things out and still trying to do my own job. I think I'd be better off if DD and I stay here in NL, where I know I'd do fine solo even for 2-3 months. In the meantime we, but mostly DH, hunt a house, sort out nursery (or childminder or au pair- whatever makes sense) and only move once it's all a done deal.

Anyone got any similar experience or any views? My mum (who last moved house 40 years ago) thinks we should all go together and just sort it all out there. My DH would be very sad to not have us around for a month or two as well- so he wants us to all go together. Should I just agree and have a very tough 3-4 months of new country, still juggling work, sorting new house, sorting new childcare when I know I'll be mostly doing it on my own.

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kreecherlivesupstairs Sun 20-Feb-11 06:28:03

IIWY, we would all go together. Me and DH and DD have all moved together four times. I would not have trusted him to get a decent house/villa and if you are buying it is particularly important.
For your DD I think it will be less disruptive to see Daddy every day.

ErnestTheBavarian Sun 20-Feb-11 06:52:14

If it's only a Q of 2 or 3 months, I would let dh go separately and do the sorting. Last time we moved, from Switzerland to Germany, he went on ahead, he sorted the house i'm pretty flexible and happy to trust him, and he dd well!

Given that you are working too, and don't speak much German, and have baby, it would probably be easier to send dh, get him to sort it, and come after 3 months. Ime, my dh did nothing when I was there to o it, iyswim, yet the one time we did it with him going first, he was able to do loads.

Suggest you pop over to the German thread as there's a few on there living in Austria who'd be able to help with specific Q on childcare and areas to Luce in Vienna.

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