shipping something to NZ-best way?

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not1not2 Thu 17-Feb-11 11:56:42

OK I have come up with the crazy idea of shipping something to NZ from the UK ie a little tikes garden plaything.

These are hugely expensive hereso I was hoping to save quite a bit.
Does anyone know a cheep shipper? DOes anyone know if I will be liable to pay an import duty/tax?


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WhatSheSaid Fri 18-Feb-11 01:33:05

How much is it in the UK and how much is it here in NZ?

I think you do sometimes have to pay import tax, it depends on the value of the item you are importing.

thelittlestkiwi Fri 18-Feb-11 04:08:55

Amazon are doing free delivery to nz at the moment. Try that? You are liable for import tax but I've not been charged on small things.

WhatSheSaid Fri 18-Feb-11 04:11:07

I think Amazon's free delivery is only for books, DVDs and CDs.

I am considering putting in a big order of books, though I usually get everything delivered free by the Book Depository anyway.

thelittlestkiwi Fri 18-Feb-11 05:31:30

Or wait and see if Whitcolls have a giant sale :-(

I just got a Kindle and think it is the best thing ever. My MIL brought it over and we registered it in the UK and pay from a UK bank account so books are UK prices- from £1 up. I also have a lot of 'free' books. I've had it a month, read 6 books and have only had to charge it once. It also saves on storage/moving/shipping costs for real books. It's the way forward. I'm loath to buy any real books these days. I had a Whitcoll's Kobo but luckily for me it broke and they gave a me a refund. Phew.

WhatSheSaid Fri 18-Feb-11 05:48:18

Oh I dont know about Kindles, I'm sure they're great but I just love books, the feel of them, I love the smell of old books and re-reading favourites that are falling apart.

I usually get Whitcoulls vouchers through this online survey thing I do, thankfully I chose Farmers ones this time - I think Whitcoulls may not be honouring vouchers soon.

savoycabbage Fri 18-Feb-11 06:18:15

I just shipped a carseat to Australia with Fedex through this company. They were no problems. I contacted them twice to ask questions and they were very helpful and it got here in three days.


savoycabbage Fri 18-Feb-11 06:36:59

Also. my mother-in-law sent us a wendy house from America with Fed-Ex as it was much cheaper than buying one here.

not1not2 Fri 18-Feb-11 14:04:59

thanks all
they are about £60 in the UK can be as cheap as £30 and over $200 here!!

I will look at Amazon free delivery too (might 'need' a couple of things) grin

Is your survey company recruiting what?

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WhatSheSaid Fri 18-Feb-11 16:49:53

It's online, anyone can join, it's Tbh you don't get loads from it, every couple of months I get a $20 voucher which I have started using at Farmers to get clothes for my dds (got a very nice jacket and jeans, reduced to $10 each for dd1 this week). You can get vouchers for other places too - you choose which shop you want vouchers from.

not1not2 Sat 19-Feb-11 11:16:01

I didn't get all the whitcoulls references until I looked them up sad
dh was given a voucher so he went to spend it today with the kids

he got a school backpack for one to go with the other 17 school backpacks we have a newspaper and 8 books 4 of which we have allready and I'm going to have to take back!!!!
really really annoyed with him
I think he cultivates being useless so he doesn't get asked to do anything

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