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Help needed from the Adelaide peeps.

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lulalullabye Thu 10-Feb-11 21:05:38

G'day. We are possibly moving to Adelaide in a couple of months.
We lived in Melbourne in 2009/10 and just wondered how you all felt about living in Adelaide??
On paper and research so far it sounds great. Cheaper than melbourne and a lot more child friendly and laid back.
If anybody could give me insider knowledge that would be great, thanks.

NurseySA Sat 12-Feb-11 20:29:09

Hi lulalullabye,

I lived in Adelaide from 2005 for around 2 years. Really loved the place. Lived in a suburb called Unley, about a 5 minute drive from the CBD, lovely houses and very safe. I think the main thing that I found was that public transport was dire, had to buy a car as soon as I got there, and only used the bus once after that!! However Adelaide is very easy to drive around, not an issue like it is in Sydney or Melbourne, plus loads of car parks in the city centre.

I worked in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital which is north of the city, much poorer area with people from diverse backgrounds. The hospital was great though, and made a lot of good friends eventually.

I found Adelaide quite reserved at first, but loved the nightlife once I made friends. The restaurants and bar scene is great, very laid back and not at all "up itself", if you know what I mean.

There are a couple of shopping malls, but I mostly shopped in Rundle Mall in the CBD. Had a couple of department stores and all the main chains. I found though, that for the first time in my life I had savings after a few months, there just wasn't as much "stuff" for me to waste my money on after a lifetime of London shoppingsmile.

I found the Aussies great, very friendly once they got to know you. I only came home cause I missed my family, would have quite happily stayed otherwise. Adelaide itself is very pretty and spent many weekends in McClaren Vale and the Borrossa which are both beautiful, especially in the summer when you start pining for a bit of greenary.

Hope you have a great time, I'm very jealouswink

lulalullabye Sun 13-Feb-11 07:51:47

Thank you for that info. We are going with 3 and 4 year old dd's and can't decide whether to go inland or by the coast. We are quite excited of the fact that property in Adelaide is way cheaper that Melbourne which gives us so many more opportunities. Also the fact that Adelaide is the wine and food capital of Australia!!! Sounds good to us grin.
Dh has a telephone chat arranged for Monday evening with the same company that he works for here so it should be relatively easy. smile

RomaloDownUnder Sun 13-Feb-11 08:01:38

Hi lulalullabye

We moved to Adelaide from Scotland 18 months ago and LOVE it. Beautiful city, very child friendly and loads to do. We landed really lucky and are in the Eastern Suburbs which offer really nice lifestyle and very close to the CBD. My DH works in the city and cycles there in less than 10 mins. Schools and kindys I have found to be excellent and people are extremely friendly. All good!

Good luck. Just ask if you want any more info.

RomaloDownUnder Sun 13-Feb-11 08:05:08

Oh and yes lots of fabulous food and wine. smile

lulalullabye Wed 27-Apr-11 07:38:22

Hi romalo, we have landed and are just about to sign up for a rental in Norwood. We love it already and it is way better than Melbourne so far. Dd1 starts school next week at rose park. She has just turned 5 and was in school in the uk so that is great as she is bored stiff. She will also be with other new starters which is really good.
Dh off at the weekend to buy a bike!! Although the bus took him just 15 mins from Norwood.
Anyway, tis great and we love it!!

lulalullabye Fri 29-Apr-11 01:08:15

Bump for romala.

lulalullabye Fri 29-Apr-11 01:08:44

Sorry romalo

WhiteBumOfTheMountain Fri 29-Apr-11 02:24:02

Wow! You did it! I lived in West Lakes Shore for a year in 2004 to 2005...that's near to Semaphore was nice in some ways but homesickness drove me back to the UK.

I have fond memories though...of the Botanical Gardens and f the city centre....the beaches in certain areas too.

Hows the weather? grin Not too bad at the moment I suppose?

lulalullabye Fri 29-Apr-11 02:27:24

Weather very nice at the mi but due to change. Dd's driving me nuts at the mo but dd1 starts school on monday thank god. She is bored stiff.
Still trying to find a rental etc etc etc. Good job we are in such a good wine area as we are certainly needing it grin

differentnameforthis Fri 29-Apr-11 02:54:42

Welcome to Adelaide, Lulallabye!

RomaloDownUnder Fri 29-Apr-11 07:21:24

Hi, great news! Norwood is fabulous, welcome! If you want some info on playgroups or kindy's just let me know, quite a few around and I made lots of friends at one on the Parade. Rose Park is a very nice school, my lot go to Norwood which is just excellent too.

Good luck with finding a rental. Sure something will come up before long and meanwhile enjoy that local wine! Get in touch if you want any info. smile

lulalullabye Fri 29-Apr-11 08:56:14

Hi romalo and different. We have so far found this area great. We found a great rental, a bit expensive but in a perfect spot. It is backing on to where we are staying in the holiday let. Asked for a discount and got it so that's great.
Coles in norwood a bit disappointing but I get the impression here that most people shop locally at smaller places.
Walked to school today and tis fine if dd2 on scooter so will have to wait until shipment comes for the walk. We went tonplay in their aground today and her new teacher was setting up the classroom so she got to meet her. It was great and she was lovely !
Anyway dh out tonight for beers with new work buddies!! Alas I am at home with wine and the royal wedding.

RomaloDownUnder Sat 30-Apr-11 02:13:46

hi lulaluabye,

I go up to Burnside shopping centre on the Portrush Road (5 mins by car) if I want to go to a big Coles. It's lovely up there! Normally though I use Foodland which is close to us and great for fresh, local produce. The independent fruit shops are great.

How lovely that your DD met her teacher and great news about finding a house! How long will you have to wait for your stuff? We managed 3 months with bare necessities when we first arrived, DC thought all our Christmases had come at once when it arrived!

Have a good weekend and all the best for Day 1 at school!

lulalullabye Sat 30-Apr-11 02:47:30

We have been in Melbourne for a month before Adelaide, so another few weeks maybe and it should arrive. Hopefully we can time it with the start of the rental. Great for dd1. She is so excited and hopefully won't be nervous. She is desperate to go back.
One more question, have you found a good medical centre ??

RomaloDownUnder Sat 30-Apr-11 06:11:07

There is a walk in one with very long opening hours and good facilities as far as we've experienced (although haven't had to use it much so far, thankfully) on the Parade. It's a bit further up from the Hoyts cinema on that side and you don't have to register so it's quite useful. That's the only one I'm aware of although lots of private places about.

Hope you get your stuff soon, all very exciting!

lulalullabye Fri 06-May-11 02:56:44

Thanks for all the tips romalo.
I have another request, you will be sick of me soon.
Childcare. My youngest starts at Kindy in July. I am thinking of going back to work so in addition to this I need to get childcare. What do you know of in the area for private nurseries? Has anyone you know recommended anywhere?
I obviously have no idea.
Your help would be gratefully recieved, thanks.

RomaloDownUnder Sat 07-May-11 10:57:42

Hi, my DD is in a feeder kindy for Norwood PS which is really great and also does childcare so there are good places around. Rose Park has a kindy doesn't it? Not sure it will do childcare though.

Best thing to try is this childcare which should point you in the right direction.

Good luck. How did week 1 go?

lulalullabye Sun 08-May-11 08:28:32

Week two done!!
Dd going to school has been a godsend. Have rental now so should move in next week. Are you working? Would live to meet up, maybe in the park near Coles?
Dont worry if you are busy , I will just go and stalk somebody else wink.
Dd2 is starting Rose park in july but no childcare :-((. I want to go back to work so I may just source somewhere else.

RomaloDownUnder Mon 09-May-11 04:01:33

Hi, I will PM you. smile

Tortoiseonthehalfshell Mon 09-May-11 06:20:12

Oh! There are still Adelaide folk around. I started a meet-up thread about a month ago and no-one replied <sobs>.

Welcome to Adelaide, lula. Norwood is just lovely, I wish I lived there (Hills, here).

lulalullabye Mon 09-May-11 09:24:26

Thank you and I am always up for a meet up smile.

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