Where do you live now?

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englishgirlintaipei Wed 09-Feb-11 20:47:16

I live in Taiwan and i'm new to mumsnet (thanks to my dear sister, and the fact that i am home for a holiday).
I've been living in Taiwan for well about 5 years now and was wondering where every one else is living that is on here.
Any one in Taiwan??

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Geocentric Wed 09-Feb-11 20:58:16

Welcome to Mumsnet!
I live in Brazil, although technically not really "living away" as I moved here as a child. My family has kept in touch with the UK over the years though, so I have a foot firmly in each culture.

thanksamillion Fri 11-Feb-11 13:50:52

Welcome! I'm in Moldova so not very exotic (and not in Taiwan) I'm afraid. I've been here for about 3 years and right now am looking forward to spring and some warmer weather smile

exexpat Fri 11-Feb-11 13:57:59

I used to live in Taiwan, many years ago. Have also lived in Germany, Japan and Australia, but now back in UK.

I haven't been back to Taiwan for nine or ten years, but I still miss all the self-service vegetarian cafeterias and the night markets... And the papaya milkshakes - the cartons you can sometimes find in Chinese supermarkets just aren't the same....

Lollypolly Sat 12-Feb-11 06:04:27

Singapore - third posting here, been here nearly 3 years this time round.

kreecherlivesupstairs Sat 12-Feb-11 06:13:54

Belgium. Following Oman, Thailand and Switzerland. Going back to the UK in July.

englishgirlintaipei Sat 12-Feb-11 10:03:06

just Taiwan's vegi buffets are wonderful, i love all the drinks that they have like pearl tea..mmm.
Exexpat, how do you find living back in the UK?

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MmeLindt Sat 12-Feb-11 10:05:53

Hello welcome to MN.

I am in Switzerland after long stint in Germany.

Are you stocking ip on UK stuff while you are over?

strandednomore Sat 12-Feb-11 19:29:59

I have lived all over the world but latest was St Lucia. Now I am back in the UK and very happy to be here.

Kendodd Sat 12-Feb-11 19:37:26

I wish I lived somewhere exotic...I live in Devon.

gilbonzothesecretpsychoduck Sat 12-Feb-11 19:40:50

I braved the treacherous waters known as the English Channel and made it all the way to Brittany...here for 5 years now and wishing I was back in the UK.

lavenderbongo Sat 12-Feb-11 19:47:40

Hi.I'm in New Zealand. Not quite as exotic as some people but a godd vdistance from the uk!

exexpat Sat 12-Feb-11 20:24:55

englishgirl - being back in the UK is better than expected - I didn't really come back by choice, and in other circumstances would rather still be in Japan or Australia (probably not Taipei or most bits of mainland China by choice with children).

But we've all settled back here OK, and compared to when I was last living in my home city, things have become much more international. There are plenty of Japanese and Chinese parents at the DCs schools, Japanese restaurants, huge Chinese/Asian supermarket, little Korean grocery shops etc, and with the internet and services like LoveFilm (online DVD rental) which has lots of Asian films, I don't feel as out of touch as I had feared. We also head back East for a couple of weeks every year, which helps. And I suppose that in many ways it is good for the children to spend most of their childhood here since they are technically British, though not born here.

Are you in Taipei long term? How is the pollution and traffic these days?

englishgirlintaipei Sat 12-Feb-11 21:32:29

I am here long term i am guessing...but really i don't know for sure.
I'm back in the UK for 5 weeks for a holiday and yes i am stocking up on tons of British things, food/books/toys ect.
As for pollution i am told it's a lot better than it was but really it's still pretty terrible. We cycle and sometimes i'm shocked at what comes out the back of scooters there!
I've been there 5 years nows and my daughter is Taiwanese (i adopted here there), so i really want her to learn to read and write Chinese (she's perfectly good at speaking both currently she's just 4)
So i want to hang on there a little longer i think.
I miss lots of things here but i don't miss how much it costs to live/eat/travel here! I was really shocked when i came back this time.
Devon...well that's very cool i here!

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rumbletum Sat 12-Feb-11 21:50:28

Hi, we are in Germany now. Before that, singapore.

Kendodd Sun 13-Feb-11 17:29:33

"Devon...well that's very cool i here"

Do you mean cold?

whiteflame Sun 13-Feb-11 19:38:30

i am currently in Seattle, after UK, Switzerland and NZ. Love it here!

englishgirlintaipei Sun 13-Feb-11 22:29:12


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hermitcrab Mon 14-Feb-11 18:00:35

Currently in Oman, looking forward to spending the summer holidays in Devon. Is lovely here, but not home.

Kiwinyc Mon 14-Feb-11 21:41:37

Currently in London, but originally from NZ, via the USA, Australia, and now here for the last 10 yrs where i got married and had two kids. About to move to Qatar later this yr.

I have enjoyed living here for the most part, but 'home' for me is not the UK.

fridakahlo Mon 14-Feb-11 22:06:48

I moved over to New Jersey in the USA with my husband and children last April. Really enjoying it, though it is not hugely different from the UK in lots of ways!

englishgirlintaipei Tue 15-Feb-11 22:35:22

kiwinyc where would you say is home then? as for me the UK isn't really home either anymore.
Hermitcrab, Oman, wow how's that?

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Binfullofmaggotsonthe45 Wed 16-Feb-11 07:06:58

Hi, I live in Basel, Switzerland. I am on a permanent contract so have the possibility of staying as long as I want the job or the company wants me!

We've been here since august 2010 and we are coming back to blighty for the first time since the move, in a few weeks! Am sooo excited about eating fish and chips and a creme egg!

<sigh> international jet setter that I am....

Shanghai Wed 16-Feb-11 13:51:42

I'm in Shanghai (hence the name!) - not too far from Taiwan! been here nearly 4 years. Am off to UK next week for a lightening quick visit and the best thing I've got planned is a trick to tesco to stock up on cadbury's creme eggs... droooool!... grin (and baking supplies and books but they're not quite so droolsome)

fridakahlo Wed 16-Feb-11 15:33:48

mmmm fish and chips!

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