San Diego?

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GirlWithTheMouseyHair Thu 27-Jan-11 21:44:42

DH is sprung it on me that there might be job openings with his company in San Diego...I've been badgering him for YEARS to see if we can move somewhere new for a while, was hoping for San Francisco/NYC/Tokyo etc and know NOTHING about San Diego

No idea what kind fo visa he'd be on so whether I'd be able to work or not but I work in theatre and do a lot of unpaid work, so need to be able to keep it up to a certain extent, where do you begin to look online to find out about a city you know nothing about to work out if you can make the move there?

Major pros at the moment are better quality of life (more money, amazing weather), DS growing up on a beach, being 5mins from Mexico so travelling to South America no longer a pipe dream...

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Slightly Fri 28-Jan-11 02:20:32


We did the move from UK to San Fransisco last September, we're loving the US, but lots to get used to.

Found CityData really helpful, and their forum was excellent - some V helpful people over there.

Also Craigslist is worth a look for housing prices. Most rental properties are on there (its how we got our house)

Hope all goes well smile

GirlWithTheMouseyHair Fri 28-Jan-11 20:51:11

thanks so much for replying slightly, and for the website recommendation

We've been looking at various real estate sites etc, just need to find out more about the city before making any firm decisions

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Slightly Fri 28-Jan-11 23:27:40

Pleasure smile

I was on This Thread and remembered that the schools website I used was Great Schhols

Good luck!

anonymosity Fri 28-Jan-11 23:57:42

Trulia website for rentals and sales all across the US for events and activities in any city / town in the US for groups and clubs - select zip code / city
and key words "theater" " singing" "yoga" etc - if you need short term
accommodation in the area on arrival

Los Angeles Times - website has detailed information on surrounding areas, arts, schools, crime rates, and so on

We're just outside LA - love it.

GirlWithTheMouseyHair Wed 02-Feb-11 08:36:08

this is all great, thankyou - if it were san fran or NYC I wouldn't hesitate, but know nothing about SD...except it's near Mexico, BONUS!

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mummytime Wed 02-Feb-11 08:55:12

For my brief experience it is a lovely city. The most mazing Zoo and wildlife park. Gorgeous beach. Its a mixture of beach and desert, and be prepared for the San Anna wind (hope I spelt that right).
It seemed laid back and fairly safe. Not very far from LA (close enough for a daytrip to Disneyland), and not too far to Palm Springs etc.

I would go no problem.

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