Help - Där Gazetta Floorlight- made in EU (not UK)?

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tb Fri 21-Jan-11 14:15:49


Does anyone in France/Belgium/Germany/Holland know where these lights are made?

picture I thought from the name they might be mainland EU.

Costco have them for under £200+vat, but can't arrange delivery/collection for next month or so, and can't afford the usual price.

Thanks in advance for any info re stockists in Belgium/Holland or even Germany if their site has English version


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AndSheCalledHimCustard Sat 22-Jan-11 23:42:29


I have recently worked for a lighting company.

Där Lighting is a Dutch company, as I recall. Their lights, however, are made in China. Definitely, no question. (The only exception is their David Hunt range, which is still made in the UK, but is probably a little more, erm, traditional, than you're looking for.)

The reason that you'll have to wait so long for them to come into stock at Costco is probably that Där currently have no stock of them themselves. They have to be manufactured, then sent all that way on a very slow boat. Then they have to be distributed.

The Costco price is a bargain though, as the list price is double that. And you'll struggle to get them anywhere else at the moment anyway, unless some shop somewhere has existing stock hanging around.

Otherwise, Där currently expects them to come back into stock in early March.

The English website is just, if you haven't already found it. It has contact details for the English branch of the company, and although they won't sell to you directly, they might be able to help in some way.

I hope that answers what you were asking, even if it's not great news (sorry!)

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