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UK teaching qualifications in the US

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happypotter Mon 17-Jan-11 01:00:53

Does anyone else with a UK teaching qualification teach in the US?
I am a primary school teacher and taught in the UK for 13 years, across Foundation stage, KS1 and 2. I haven't worked since going on leave in May 2009 and we moved to New York last year.
I am hoping to start work again this year but can't seem to find out whether my UK teaching degree would be accepted here if I were to apply for teaching jobs.
I don't know if there would be different requirements from state to state. Is there anyone that could advise me in this area?

madwomanintheattic Mon 17-Jan-11 01:08:03

i googled 'new york state teacher certification' and got loads.
it looks like you need to take the exam for certification (you can apply online) and they will check that your international quals are suitable.

i'm the other side of the border and it varies province to province - looks to be the same stateside.

happypotter Mon 17-Jan-11 01:20:13

Ooh thanks - I'll have a look now. Everyone I have asked about it gives me different advice, varying from telling me I'll only be able to teach in an international school, to telling me I could teach anywhere no problem.
Are you a UK teacher teaching over here? What do you find are the main differences?

marcopront Mon 17-Jan-11 01:42:57

It does vary state by state. If you go to the teaching overseas forum on the TES you can find a lot of information.

happypotter Mon 17-Jan-11 01:44:06

That's great, thank you. I'm now desperately trying to remember which 'safe place' I left my teaching certificate in before we moved.....

madwomanintheattic Mon 17-Jan-11 05:18:08

no - thankfully i got out in time wink i have a close friend who's submitted her stuff for approval here in alberta. she has lots to say about the canadian system (so do i, but just from a parental pov), but i know nothing at all about american ed, sorry!

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