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Advice for parents moving to Oz?

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weedle Sat 15-Jan-11 01:35:39

My parents are moving out to Australia (Melbourne) within the next couple of months. Both mid 50s so all of us kiddies (lol) will be staying here. Visas etc are all sorted by dads company as is moving costs etc.

Just wondering what you seasoned ex pats would suggest they bring? For example are certain items more expensive out there than here? Likewise are there things that they shouldn't bring?

Also any tips/general advice would be great!


echt Sat 15-Jan-11 12:39:19

If the firm is paying for the move, then get them to shift everything, contents, pets and car. Anything they don't need can then be put in garage sale or the hard rubbish collection. In the first instance they'll meet the neighbours, in the second, feel really Australian.

Everything is at least the same or more expensive in Oz.

Do not even think of ditching winter clothes as the winters are chilly and the heating shite in most Melbourne rentals.

chloeb2002 Sun 16-Jan-11 21:37:10

In a way id agree with echt.. however if the move is temporary then maybe better leaving stuff behind in the uk... to come home to? We shipped alot of stuff over when we moved and id never ever do it again! Stuff here is, just as the uk, availiable in many different price bands and built to survive different lengths of time etc! We too have Ikea!
Dont bring anything that is plant based... or animal based.. it will be burnt!

Funnily a bowl i had was burnt but the wooden furniture was allowed in.. so i have no idea how it works.. and its very very expensive if they incinerate stuff! it cost us $200 to burn 6 pine cones!

Id bring boxes of sentimental stuff, pictures and similar. the only thing i would have done again.. that doesnt appky in this case is pack my childrens entire bedrooms! lock stock.. rubbish.. junk and barrel! but it made the move so much easier.

eidsvold Mon 17-Jan-11 09:13:14

you really can use ikea and places like kmart, bigW and target for small electrical applianes, crockery, cutlery and lots of smaller household items. It would be cheaper than shipping it and it is good quality stuff. Furniture likewise - their furniture may not fit in the accommodation they have here - again - really wide range of furniture companies. If they intend to return to the UK - it may be worth looking into storage of those items.

As to winter clothes in Melbourne - you would find that the cold in Melbourne winters is still nothing on an England winter.

When we moved back - already had some of the bigger stuff ( cause I had lived in Aus before and left furniture in storage) however we simply shipped three boxes and our suitcases for two adults and a child. Sentimental items definitely.

weedle Wed 20-Apr-11 21:26:37

Firstly huge apologies for not thanking you sooner. How incredibly rude of me, in my defence I've only just spotted the 'threads I've started tab' and lost you blush

So massive thanks to you all grin

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