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New to Germany (Hessen)

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wishiwereanoctopus Thu 13-Jan-11 09:59:14

I am a new to Germany and so far I am liking the fact that we live in an area where DC can see her Oma and Opa on a daily basis (they are wonderful in-laws) and DH is closer to work (he was commuting at least once a month from the UK before). Still, I know I have a big adjustment in front of me.

I do have several questions for those of you who are in the same boat or have been in the same boat before, namely:

1. Do you know what language school is best to use to learn German? My DH suggested the Goethe Institut but the prices are exorbitant!

2. Do you know how daycares work and cost in Germany and the minimum age they accept?

3. Do you know any good groups, book clubs or interest groups in the area that I could join? Playgroups would be cool for my DC as well.

4. Any tips on how to survive this big and scary (for me )transition?

Thanks in advance!

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