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Belgian MNetters - Anyone going to see the Fireworks....

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Portofino Wed 12-Jan-11 22:22:48

at BSB on Saturday?

And I must get round to reorganising the frozen Xmas meet up. And new curry and cinema dates if anyone is interested....The Kings Speech seems to have rave reviews....

Everyone did a sterling effort with the MN Local site before Xmas. Let's keep populating it. (Natation, you are queen of Belgian data - it would be wonderful if you could stick some addresses on there!)

kreecherlivesupstairs Thu 13-Jan-11 08:09:51

I'd love to come, but it is DH birthday so I think we should do something different.
He is in London at the moment envy and won't be back until late tomorrow night.

LongtimeinBrussels Fri 14-Jan-11 11:32:50

DD's at a sleepover so not much point me going.

Anyone going to the pantomine at the BSB in a couple of weeks' time?

The King's Speech doesn't come out until 23 February here but I have to go and see it! What about Love and Drugs or whatever it's called? Or maybe a meal would be better so we can all chat.

Must put some of the BCT info on this site. Been busy doing masses of maths past papers so everything else has been put on ice.

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