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Aussie mners with school aged children

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eidsvold Tue 04-Jan-11 10:28:46

Hate covering books with sticky plastic - I have found a possible solution - my two dds love their books covered with wrapping paper of their choosing and then I used to fight with the bleeding contact to cover the books - well I notice in BigW the other day - plastic covers Marbig brand - packs for exercise books and A4 size books- the ones for exercise books are a doodle - god love them. The A4 size ones needed adjustment for my two as they had very thin A4 size books. I love it.

Having said that - they did not make scrap book size ones and I have 15 of the blighters to cover.

ninedragons Tue 04-Jan-11 10:34:02

hello, stranger.

errrmmm, those have been around for donkey's years - even I had them at school.

I find non-sticky plastic is easier to handle than Contact, which is the Devil's adhesive film.

eidsvold Wed 05-Jan-11 08:18:56

I had some years ago that you just slipped over the book/covered book and could move from book to book. When the dds started school - I searched high and low for them - no luck. These ones stick to the books and can't be taken off and moved from one book to another.

hiya yourself.

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