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Happy New Year NZ

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Rillyrillygoodlooking Fri 31-Dec-10 11:21:48

To all in NZ, happy new year!

Yes, it is 20 mins into the new year and I am on mn.

Horopu Sat 01-Jan-11 04:09:25

Happy New Year to you. I was in bed at the time. Having a lazy day now after visiting a local market this morning, wondering whether to go for a swim.

WhatSheSaid Sat 01-Jan-11 04:19:27

Happy new year!

yes i was in bed too, after a few glasses of bubbly. Had a lovely new years day at a regional park that has a little farm on - looking at all the animals with dd1 then a picnic.

I managed to stay up till 10.30pm last night which is about an hour after my usual bedtime blush. I have a 5 month old - need I say more.

thelittlestkiwi Sat 01-Jan-11 04:54:48

Happy New Year!

I managed 12.30 but we left a party and did midnight at home so I could be in bed early-ish.

Auckland fireworks were impressive. Well the top half which was the only bit we could see.

Mission Bay is so busy today- more like an Italian beach than a kiwi one!

Rillyrillygoodlooking Sat 01-Jan-11 11:03:01

Glad you had a good 1st Jan.

Where we are seemed very quiet at actual new year.

The beach was busy today tho!

NurseGladys Sat 01-Jan-11 16:33:58

Happy New Year! Can't wait to get back to NZ in t- minus 12 days time...

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