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Christmas Eve in France, and the shops are empty!

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scouserabroad Fri 24-Dec-10 14:03:37

I went to our local Lidl and Super U with two young children, at 11 a.m this morning. It was absolutely fine . No playing dodgems with shopping trolleys, no fights over the last <insert random essential item> .

Do the French not do last minute Christmas Eve shopping? Are they all at home with their families sitting around the Christmas tree eating buche au chocolat or something? Or is this just one of the advantages of living in the middle of nowhere grin

Bonnes fetes de fin d'année grin

Pantofino Fri 24-Dec-10 14:27:08

My local supermarket (just outside Brussels) was practically deserted this morning. The people I did see only had baskets and were buying bread and bits and bobs. They were a bit agog at my trolley heaving with drink food. grin

tb Fri 24-Dec-10 20:16:29

The bestest thing is the absence of Slade's Merry Christmas, although for some, it may induce incredible home-sickness.

I was at a college 'gouter' yesterday, and it was lovely, very low-key, disorganised in a French way, but calmly happy.

Don't really know why, Scouser, I think possibly because it's only 1 day that the shops are closed, so it's really like Sunday. It's not so long ago in the UK, that when Christmas Day was a Saturday, nothing opened again until the Wednesday.

Also, people generally order their seafood platters/champagne in advance, so there's not the panicky race round the supermarket to fill the trolley to cover all possibilities of unexpected guests/allergies/dislikes etc

natation Fri 24-Dec-10 20:30:50

Well the local supermarket near us in eastern Brussels was packed this afternoon, maybe because you can access it directly from the metro station without going outside and the only safe way to travel anywhere in Brussels today was metro/train/few tram routes, since we are under huge amounts of snow. Then when I past the local traiteur, man there was the hugest queue I've ever seen there, people collecting their homard for tonight, I wanted to buy some apéros but the queue was at least an hour long.

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