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Australian immi agent?

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loveniknaks Mon 20-Dec-10 23:42:58


sorry if this has been done before but did a quick search and can't find a recommendation for a good agent to help me with my Australian Resident Return Visa. I know about the expats site, just thought I'd ask trusty mumsnet first!


sunnydelight Tue 21-Dec-10 07:28:40

We used George Lombard - - for our PR from the UK, he was recommended to us by other friends. He is recommended by most people who use him on britishexpats too. He did what he needed to in a reasonable timescale for a reasonable rate so I would happily recommend him.

molemesses Sat 25-Dec-10 20:56:18

ASA is good too. We've used them for the PR visa and now for the Spouse visa (long story).

gregssausageroll Tue 28-Dec-10 10:51:45

Another recommendation for George here.

differentnameforthis Tue 28-Dec-10 13:12:21

We used this company!

Very helpful, quick, efficient. Darren did a previous residents visa for dh, and we had a answer in just under 8 weeks.

cjdamoo Sat 08-Jan-11 05:15:06

RRv is fairly simple to do unless you have been out of aus for over 5 years. Its a fairly simple form. I did DHs then did my spouse visa too. George lombard however seem to have never heard a bad word about

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