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Life in Germany.

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LetThereBeRock Tue 14-Dec-10 17:42:22

I'd appreciate hearing from anyone who lives or who has lived in Germany.

I realise that there's a German/Austrian thread,but I don't want to hijack it.

DP and I would like to spend a year or two,perhaps a little longer,in Germany. Well actually he'd like to go to Australia but that's too far for my liking.

Munich would be my first choice. I fell in love with it from the moment I saw it. I loved everything about it,and while I usually feel homesick after a week or so on holiday,I felt that I could have stayed there forever.

I know it's a very expensive city,and I'd be interested in hearing about other's experiences of life in Munich,and elsewhere in Germany,warts and all.


MmeLindt Wed 15-Dec-10 21:03:32

Ok, so you probably know that Munich is one of the most expensive areas to live in Germany. It has also the reputation of the most difficult school system - two reason that I would not be keen to live there.

Added to that, I find the Münchners to be quite snobbish and standoffish - they are not particularly welcoming to newcomers.

There are other areas of Germany that I would much prefer living in, tbh.

We were in Nrth Bavaria (Franken) for many years and loved it. Also loved Rheinland (düsseldorf) where the people are very friendly and open.

Pros of Germany:

Cliche but true - very organized. Quite easy to get things done.

Good preschool education ( for the most part, does depend on the area)

Good basic education, but heavy on learning by rote and not much room for creativity

Generally friendly and welcoming towards Brits. Lots of Anglophiles happy to chat in English to you.

Language reasonably easy to learn.

Do you have DC? What age are they? Do you both have jobs to go to?

HopeForTheJingleBells Thu 16-Dec-10 11:32:29

I'm down in the south, near Stuttgart, where the people have a reputation for being suspicious of strangers, stubborn and generally unflexible.

Many expats I know do not like living here, particularly if they have previously lived further north in Germany.
I, however, love it

My experience has been that it is friendly, very safe, as Mme L says well organised, excellent public transport, everything runs on time, it's clean, beautiful countryside, generally more emphasis of family life and family time (it's not all work, work, work), very child friendly, lots of holidays, lots of festivals
Cost of living is ime higher than in the UK, but how this affects you would obviously depending on what you were earning.
Due to the complex recycling system in place pretty much everywhere, people tend to be more enviromentally aware, which I think is a postive thing.

I'm trying to think of some cons, can't really comment on education beyond preschool age (which is great here, but does depend whereabouts you are).

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