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Anyone live in the Greenwich CT area please??

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giddybiddy Thu 02-Dec-10 12:58:27

Hi, we are likely to move next summer as DH's job is relocating to NYC! I am exploring places to live and ideally would like to keep the kids in the IB programme (they are currently in an International School). I have found Whitby in Greenwich and would love any feedback on either the school or life style out there. Any advice at all would be very welcome! Thank you.

AphraBen Thu 02-Dec-10 15:54:53

You should visit both the town and the school if you can, no better way to get a sense of things. I was here for a while but it was very long ago now, a lot of things will have changed. Generally, what hasn't changed, is its an affluent place with very high achievers academically and in terms of sports. It does have a somewhat international edge due to expats in similar situations to yourself moving there for the good schools and so on.

giddybiddy Thu 02-Dec-10 19:33:50

I am going to visit next year but need to do some school applications first. Glad to hear that it has an international edge as that will make life easier.
Thank you so much for that.

Any other thoughts welcome please!

AphraBen Fri 03-Dec-10 14:52:08

There may still be the Greenwich newcomer's club - you join when you get there and you can stay in it for 2 yrs (this was the rule a few yrs ago). There are people from all over - coffee mornings, exercise groups, specialized club events etc - I know for SAHMs it can be a welcome place to meet people when the kids and the DH have school / work. There are also country clubs you can join, Innis Arden for example, though I am less into that kind of thing, if you do play tennis and don't mind astronomical fees - another outlet....

rubyx3 Sun 05-Dec-10 03:03:37

we moved to Greenwich this year and are really enjoying it. I can't tell you anything about the Whitby school as my kids are in the public school system which is fab. So far we have enjoyed the beach in the summer, the libraries, the school and there always seems to be something going on - this evening we went to the first light festival in Old Greenwich - all the local businesses were giving out food, apple cider hot chocolate etc. There is an active Newcomers club - OGRNNC and I'm sure if you got in touch with them you could get some feedback about the Whitby School. Good luck!

giddybiddy Mon 06-Dec-10 11:36:37

That is really encouraging, thank you. Have you found it easy to settle in Rubyx3? Is your DH commuting into NY and if so are the trains good-reliable etc?

Great suggestion about the new comers club, I will look into it. Tennis not really my thing either.....

Thank you both!

rubyx3 Mon 06-Dec-10 18:02:16

Hi I've found it easy to settle in - I have school age kids and a toddler which helps. Also lots of people moving into the area who are open to friendships and local people very receptive too. I do miss long established friends and family but thats to be expected. Yes dh commutes into NYC which is fine - haven't experienced trains in winter yet but so far good. It can take up to an hour but can be quicker depending on which train you get. I don't post on here a lot but I think there's a way to pm me if you want any more info or to get in touch when you get here.

AnnabelUSA Sat 11-Dec-10 18:29:39

Hi there,

We're down in Manhattan but have some very good friends in Greenwich. It's a beautiful, safe, idyllic place to raise children and, if we don't end up coming back to the UK, we would seriously consider moving there (we have a DD of 4). It has pretty much everything you could want (including a beach!) and is a very easy commute from Manhattan. Most women there are SAHMs and there's lots of voluntary stuff going on, so you'll be in good company and well-occupied if you don't have the right to work here (I don't).

I know our friends children are at Greenwich Country Day - which is quite traditional, I think - and that they're very happy with it. In general, the schools there are said to be excellent and Ivy League acceptance is very high. Whitby is Montessori, is it not? Lots of the private schools end around 13/14 as there's a trend of boarding after that.

Let me know if you end up coming over!

giddybiddy Tue 14-Dec-10 14:32:17


That is really useful thank you. We're coming over next month to look around and visit the schools so hope will know more after that! I won't have the right to work so it is good to know that I will be able to find other SAHMs. I also looked at the newcomers group and there seemed to be lots going on.

Am sure I will have lots of questions nearer the time too, so really appreciate your advice!

Thank you

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