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Moving from London to Singapore

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makingitup Thu 02-Dec-10 09:17:43

Hi everyone, My husband has been offered a job in Singapore and really wants to accept. I'm totally up for the move although bit worried about losing my support network in London. I'm a first time mum with an eight month old baby boy - does anyone have any advice on relocating in general - how I can prepare... but also any specific advice on ways to settle into the baby scene in Singapore? Cheers

offoffandaway Fri 03-Dec-10 16:15:45

We've just made the same move - DG is there and I'm about to follow.

There's a new mother's support group, which a friend of mine recommended -

There are also loads of clubs and groups as your baby gets older. It really is very, very friendly and an easy place to have small children.

Try to get a visit organised so you can look at Singapore, if you don't already know it, and in particular, before you are seduced by the lower tax rates, check out the cost of accommodation and having a car - cabs are cheap and plentiful, except when it rains, and if you then have to get across town to collect a toddler from nursery, not having a car might start to be a problem.

Living costs are very, very high, even compared to central London.

We have 2 children and looked at 4 bed apartments for s$10k (£5k) per month and came the the conclusion we'd rather not do the move! So if you haven't already, do your homework, make sure you are going to be OK financially. Other than that, I think most people really enjoy it, and while your baby is young is a good time to do the move, much less concern over schooling and so on!

Best of luck.

begonyabampot Sat 04-Dec-10 21:28:57

try the site It has lots of info and a busy message forum where you can ask and get lots of help/advise. Beware, like mumsnet - it can be a bit rough and ready but that's mostly just a few posters who tend to be loud and vocal, like mumsnet. Other thing, when you go stay in a service apt at first till you get a chance to look around and see where and what kind of accommodation you want.

papooshka Sun 05-Dec-10 03:08:24

Singapore is very easy with young kids and there are so many young families here, you will easily meet people, whether it be at playgroups, classes etc or just at the condo you live in (if you live in a condo!)

As someone said before, the NMSG is good and arranges get togethers, there are also weekly playgroups at St Georges Church on Minden Rd which are popular and a great way to meet people.

Not sure what your budget is but you should be able to find a condo for about SGD5k per month, you just have to look around and maybe be prepared to live a bit further out, however nowhere is far away in Singapore!

We have a car and I couldn't be without it having 2 kids, particularly from a safety aspect as once the kids reach a certain age they aren't safe in taxis and the police certainly turn a blind eye to kids being in car seats (but then thats a whole different subject!!) also sometimes its a nightmare to get a taxi, particularly when its raining or at busy times (usually morning and evening).

We don't have a maid, just a weekly cleaner, we are in the minority but having a live-in is just not for us. Yes we have to be more organised re babysitting and we can't just go out on a whim but it suits us. Contrary to belief there are lots of people without maids, and I think that new people to Singapore assume that its the done thing but it isn't in alot of cases. Saying that, loads of my friends have them and I can definitely see the benefits.

Good luck!

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