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Thanksgiving making me feel lonely!

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howdoo Wed 24-Nov-10 15:46:38

Argh! We have been in the US nearly three years now, and yesterday I went to DS's school for a Thanksgiving show, which just make me feel incredibly homesick! And after the show, the parents all went back to the classroom for a "feast" and I felt totally like the only parent with no friends and nothing to say.

DS's teacher told me about a month ago that although he wants to make friends, he isn't really making any close ones, and that I should organise playdates etc for him. Which I have done. So I asked her yesterday if she thought anything had changed and she said "No". The idea that he hasn't got any close friends just makes me so sad. He is quite sensitive, but TBH he does seem fairly happy at school. I think it may be me that needs to toughen up a bit...

Finally, I realised that I can't talk about any of this to my friends at home, because I feel they are drifting away from me and wouldn't be interested.

Sorry for self indulgent rant, I just thought that after three years we would all be settled and have proper friends, not just aquaintances. And I just want to go HOME!!

Want2bSupermum Wed 24-Nov-10 16:14:20

Bless - DH and I treat thanksgiving as Christmas. It made the culture shock a little easier for us.

Regarding your son, what after school activities does he do? Sports are incredibly important here. It doesn't matter if he isn't any good but they really push the taking part side of things. Football is also very popular for boys under the age of 14. We don't have kids yet but DH plays soccer three times a week. I am 8 weeks along and neighbours have signed me up for mommy and me classes in town. I have done yoga, pilates and knitting classes at the local church to meet other women. We are not religious people and the others that go are not religious either.

For yourself there is a group in town called mothers and more. It is a fantastic place to meet other mothers in your local area. It takes much longer than three years to settle in a new place and make proper friends. I have been here five years now and have made two proper friends.

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