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Beijing Mums?

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beijingaling Sun 21-Nov-10 07:15:15

Hi everyone,

I've lived in Beijing for 6 years now but I'm pregnant with my first know very few parents here. Any MNers in Beijing?

Missymoomum Fri 26-Nov-10 06:47:29

Hi,I live in Beijing! I arrived here exactly 9 weeks ago today so i'm a newbie! I have a 2yr old DD and a 3 yr old DS. I think we may be the only ones but there are 2 ladies on here that live in Shanghai.

When are you due? Are you excited?

beijingaling Sat 04-Dec-10 07:19:40

Ahhh! Missymoomum I missed your post I'm so sorry! 9 weeks! Gosh you are a newbie wink how are you finding it so far? Is it cold enough for you yet? Just think... it can ONLY get colder. confused

I'm due Jan 6th and part excited and part nervous. I've finally done the big mothercare shop though pissed that the prices are so much more than in the UK.

Which area are you living in? After 5 years in the Sanlitun area we moved out to the WAB area and love it. Is this your first overseas posting or have you lived everywhere?

Missymoomum Mon 06-Dec-10 06:23:35

Hi, i'm enjoying it thanks, although missing a proper Christmas build up at the mo. Have already met quite a few people which is good and gets me out the house! I just still need to figure out the best markets and shops to go to! I'm still rubbish in knowing where anything is in relation to anything else lol! This our first time abroad and it was too good an opportunity to miss. I don't think i can quite grasp how cold it's going to get but it's certainly getting colder although not as cold as the UK at the mo by the sounds of it!! I want snow but from what i can gather it's not that common although there was lots last year.

Not long to go now then for you smile. I was due the 7th Jan with my DS and he arrived on the 3rd although that was nearly 4 years ago now - aaarrrgh!!

When you say the WAB area do you mean as in the school? If so then i'm in that area too!!

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