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Queensland Health Sponsorship

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giggly Sun 21-Nov-10 00:26:34

After years of various delays we are now trying to get to QLD as soon as.
I am short of 5 points for our PR visa so need sponsorship which I have concerns about. I am a nurse so no worries about getting work, but I cannot find any info on the conditions of ss.

Will probably go with QLD Health.

I only work 3 days here and and expect that I will need to go back to f/t but does anyone know for how long?

Also does anyone know if you can change job within state employers while still within sponsorship period?

I had everything planned out for pr and now totally pissed off at having to start the process of gathering info all over again.( is dh fault, long and boring story)

I have looked on relevant sites but my head is pickled.
Any help will be most welcome.

chloeb2002 Mon 22-Nov-10 07:14:37

Hello I work for Q health. I dont think you need to work full time to be sponsered although you would eed to prove where your income would come from, ie spouse? The immigration website will tell you more. Booklet 5 is all about ENS.

It is generally miuch better to come over on temp residency first and do 2 years then apply for PR. Initial PR can be very hard to get from the outset as employers like to know you before they commit to PR.

You can change hospitals as they are all Q helath but couldnt change state without the new state taking over your sponsership.
depending what area of queensland you want to go deends on how easy it is to find a job and of course the area you work in, I am an ICU nurse and we are a very very rare breed so have no problem getting work! Ward nurses are ess in demand with most hospitals not being able to allocate positions to new grads let alone overseas nurses. So id suggest choose your area you wish to live then bombard the local hospitals that cover your area of nursing.

chloeb2002 Mon 22-Nov-10 07:20:08

Ok just had a look at ems and to apply for PR you have to have an offer of full time work but i think for temp res you only need to have a job offer..

giggly Mon 22-Nov-10 23:36:07

Thanks chloeb2002. I am mental health trained and a specialist nurse in addictions. I know Australia doesnt train mh specialists thats why they are so keen on UK nurses.

I have been to Qlds a few times and would prefer of course somewhere coastal, would be happy to go as high as Marybourgh and down to state line with NSW but would hate to be to far inland. While Brisbane is lovely I have had enough of cities, although would go for the right job.

Last time in Oz I visisted a few hospitals and they were keen for me to stay there and then something to do with being an old nursehmm

It has crossed my mind to come over on a normal holiday visa and then get a job and sponsership, but not sure if that would be to stressful. But at least I could choose a job in person rather than over the phone.
Will have a look at the booklet you suggest.
Many thanks.

chloeb2002 Tue 23-Nov-10 07:19:29

If it helps my hospital has just started to build a new huge mental health wing... like an extra 120 beds or similar and i know are looking for staff. We are costal just off bribie island but only 45 mins to the city and the hospital is caboolture hospital if you want a google! I know they will sponser too. Its not a bad hospital to work at, interesting socio economic group with a hugely changing community. If you apply for temp residency they are done in about 8 weeks atm i think.

giggly Tue 23-Nov-10 22:26:49

Thanks again chloe, will have a look. I have been to Bribie before so have an idea of the area.

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