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anyone in Africa??

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ExpatAgain Tue 16-Nov-10 15:37:58

that's it really, seem to be loads on here in Australia/uS/Europe/Asia... am I alone??!

BlameItOnTheBogey Tue 16-Nov-10 15:54:13

No, I am here. So is Masterandthemargeritas (sp?). There are others too. Where are you?

frakkinup Tue 16-Nov-10 16:54:28

I'm off the coast of Africa, do I count?

BarkisIsWilling Tue 16-Nov-10 19:33:47

Africa is so huge though.

Are you N, E, W ,or S Expatagain?

ExpatAgain Wed 17-Nov-10 15:13:29

hi -I@m in southern Africa...You all "talk" regularly then? Recent arrival so interesting to compare (virtual) notes!

Themasterandmargaritas Wed 17-Nov-10 15:51:09

Yes I'm here, ignore frakkin because she is in faaaarrrr too nice a place. wink

Where are you EA? New to Africa?

BarkisIsWilling Wed 17-Nov-10 19:15:26

Hi. I'm in sunny Sarf Landahn. Not terribly different is it? LOL

frakkinup Thu 18-Nov-10 07:13:21

But.....but....but I have climate related questions!!! You can't ignore me.

<plonks self in middle of thread>

You're all my nearest neighbours anyway.

ExpatAgain Thu 18-Nov-10 08:12:44

am in SA, how about you? be interesting to exchange thoughts on general settling in/ settling (occasionally homesick)kids/ security issuse/education system/way of life and (is this shallow of me?) how to get UK tv online with dodgy/low bandwidth internet connection etc etc.

frakkinup - climate-related questions?? go on then!! Are you in Madagascar by any chance? If so am also envy wink

frakkinup Thu 18-Nov-10 10:33:15

Ooh we're coming to SA in Jan!

Not Mada - Reunion so a few km further east.

Okay. Climate. Expecting DC1 in April so tropical winter which is practically European summer, what do I need that I haven't thought of? Does it really need to wear a hat in the first few days? Air con and babies - yea or nay? We'll boil if we don't because we have a dehumidifying aircon system and it's like a sauna otherwise. Mozzies and babies, net obviously but are there any baby friendly repellents either to put on them or to have around the house?

Does anyone use washable nappies? What's a good system?

ExpatAgain Thu 18-Nov-10 11:47:58

Hat in first few days, well from memory may be a good idea as babies not good at regulating temp so important not to get them too hot/cold, sure aircon is fine. To my shame, I didn't use washable nappies, meant to but never got round to it either time. Sure you'll get some good advice from MNers though. What's Reunion like and what took you there?

frakkinup Thu 18-Nov-10 12:06:45

DH got posted! It's nice but strange... You think it's part of France so it'll be fine and lovely but it's a mix between the Caribbean and France 50 years ago. Attitudes towards things are very different which can be a bit of a shock. That makes it harder in some ways because you bob along and then something happens that you should know how to deal with but you don't!

It's flipping expensive too.

I have a SA question for you (slightly random). Is Evian bottled water easily available? It's the only water that doesn't have a funny taste at the moment confused

Themasterandmargaritas Thu 18-Nov-10 15:59:16

Frakkin grin that's great news, congratulations!

I did two newborns in hot and humids, one in Tanzania and one in Cameroon. A/C is a must, not only for keeping them cool, but I'm telling you they sleep darn well with that a/c white noise going on. smile We had the a/c on at a steady 21 deg and they all slept in grobags and all in ones babygros, with a mossie net for extra protection.

I used a fab mossie repellant for babies, errrmmmm it's name escapes me now, a South African one, which came briefly to the UK, otherwise Peaceful Night, another SA one is great, smells nice too!

We used washables, but it was some time ago and I'm sure they have moved on. We used kushies all in ones, but I did use disposables at night. It was terribly difficult getting hold of decent ones that weren't plastic outers. Some of the French brands were fine.

Where are you EA? Do you live in a compound? Is it strange to have guards and panic buttons? It quickly becomes a routine way of life...

BlameItOnTheBogey Thu 18-Nov-10 15:59:50

Frakkin - I can have a go at answering your questions. I didn't put a hat on my baby even in the depths of a british winter so I think you will be fine without. Aircon is ok but not on arctic obviously (use a light tog grobag on the baby). We got some repellent for the DCs but it couldn't be used before 6 months old so until then, keep them covered up as much as poss.

We used reusables for a while but I am too lazy they didn't work out for us. We used bumgenius and they seemed ok.

BlameItOnTheBogey Thu 18-Nov-10 16:01:27

Ah cross posted with TMAM who is much more knowledgable than me on bringing up babies in a hot climate. I'd listen to her.

Themasterandmargaritas Thu 18-Nov-10 16:20:34

No-one normally listens to me.... wink

ExpatAgain Fri 19-Nov-10 11:07:43

on the subject of water, haven't seen Evian in SA but drink the tap water which is fine,so haven't been looking. Easy to get bottled water if you want it though. I'll check this out!

Yes, taking some getting used to the security - not on a compound so responsible for our own, becoming more a habit now but don't like kids having to live that way!

frakkinup Sat 20-Nov-10 10:45:41

If you could I'd be everlastingly and weirdly grateful.

It's so strange - I used to drink our tap water and the local bottled water no problem, as well as Vittel/Evian/San Pellegrino/whatever in restaurants. Now any water except Evian leaves a horrible aftertaste and the local, very mineral tasting sparkling water actually made me throw up. Otherwise I'm going to be importing 10litres of Evian in my luggage!

ExpatAgain Mon 22-Nov-10 08:48:06

Good news for you frakkinup! The main supermarket, pick n pay sells it (online at least) - oryName=Groceries&SearchFor=evian

also saw it on menu in restaurant we were in at w/e.

ccpink Tue 23-Nov-10 11:09:01

we are moving to SA after Christmas. I've been wondering for ages if I was the only one in the world who was thinking of Africa! Nice to know there are others out there

ccpink Tue 23-Nov-10 11:10:05

p.s. expat again - can you get brioche rolls? I looked at p&p online and saw brioche loaf but not rolls. My 3 year old adores them!!!!

Themasterandmargaritas Fri 26-Nov-10 08:47:19

Christmas fairs in Africa with the sun shining and scenes of snow and pictures of Father Christmas always feel slightly odd, does anyone else find it strange?

bunnyfrance Fri 26-Nov-10 08:58:11

Can I join you? I'm from SA, but have been in Europe for 15 years. I still miss it. For me, Christmas and espcially New Year feel really odd in the freezing cold!

suburbophobe Sat 27-Nov-10 21:32:40

Wish I was in Africa!

Have a son who has an African dad smile

I spent a Christmas and New Years in West Africa once, yes it was really weird seeing Christmas scenes in the Sahel!
Christmas lights in a café frequented by peace corps workers, and bits of cotton wool stuck on the wall to denote snow grin

Last thing I expected in a muslim country...

suburbophobe Sat 27-Nov-10 21:36:07

I brought a couple of packets of sparklers along in my rucksack for New Year's Eve, the locals loved them cos they'd never seen them before! grin

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