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Downtown Toronto with a Toddler

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Lever Wed 03-Nov-10 14:02:33

We're relocating to downtown Toronto in the next month and would love to hear from anyone living there or who has lived there with a toddler.

I have a 22 month old son and would appreciate any information on local parks with play areas such as swings and slides. And also information on in-door activity centres that will keep him entertained during the harsh winters.

I have searched on-line and have come across a lot of activities going on during the summer but what about the winter?

Any advice much appreciated.

lazydog Sat 06-Nov-10 06:07:21

Sorry - I'm in BC, but if you post this message on the "maple leaf" forum of the Canada section of (and ignore any sarky responses from a poster called dbd33!) and I'm sure you'll get good advice

MmeOrangeBlackandBlueberry Mon 08-Nov-10 07:17:01

There is a petting zoo/farm/park on east side of downtown (I think off the Don Valley Parkway). I have been there in the week before Christmas, so definitely open in the winter.

You can do the Canadian thing and learn to skate.

Lever Mon 08-Nov-10 11:39:14

Thanks so much for getting back to me. I'm looking for activities that I can reach via subway as I'll not have a car. but I'll still give the petting zoo a look up.

Going on the expat site is a great idea, will do that now!!

scoutliam Mon 08-Nov-10 11:54:55

Hi, we're just back from a 6 month stint in Toronto with dd who is now 12 months.

We were in West Bloor village which is hugely family friendly. High park was right beside us and we haunted daily, it has a lovely lake with swans, geese loads of wildlife.
There's also a little zoo which has mostly winter hardy animals so was open right throughout.

Bloor also has loads of restaurants, a great but expensive deli and lovely bars.

We joined a mother and baby group which gave us something to do at least twice a week, but I have to say I found it tough going during the really bad weather of Jan and Feb.

HollyBollyBooBoo Mon 15-Nov-10 03:57:41

Wouldn't just limit yourself to expat sites, but go onto and sign yourself up to some Mother & Child groups and get out and about meeting new people - they are so friendly.

We went to Toronto Zoo last week - quite a nice day out although like everything in CA it's expensive and huge - need a day and stamina of an athlete to get around!

christie2 Thu 18-Nov-10 01:20:20

Can only echo the advice of finding a parent child play group, great way to meet other parents and will really fill the time when it is cold. The local libraries often have toddler times, stories songs etc. and are free (as are most play groups) so look into that as well. Invest in a good stroller with big wheels and a warm blanket ( many use those sheepskin ones from Ikea) and do get out even though it is cold. A walk to a local coffee shop and have a coffee and donut for the baby has saved many a canadian mom when things are grim during a winter. Also a bookstore called chapters has a small play area, books for sale of course and a coffee shop(starbucks) so many Moms spend time there too during the winter. You will find in Canada that in the big cities, most neighborhoods will have a play ground near you. If you check out city of Toronto playgrounds under parks and recreation you will find lots of activities and parks. Many local pools have parent tot swim lessons which are fun for both of you or just drop in for a swim, again, get you through the winter.

madwomanintheattic Thu 18-Nov-10 02:54:18

oh, i love dbd, lazydog grin

he's very funny, and has lots of experience with autism - a mine of info grin

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