Advice on the best (cheapest!) way to cargo (pack) for Syria

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UmmNoor Sat 16-Oct-10 12:27:54

I would gratefully accept any advice other wise mumsnetters will be able to dispense.

DH, DD (2) & I are moving to Damascus in December to study. We need to cargo a few household items over (toys/kitchen utensils/clothes etc). No heavy goods. I was wondering how you actually pack the items-boxes or suitcases. What would be the cheapest way to organise this? We will be living off savings for the duration of our studies so will be on a shoe string.

Many thanks

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PussinJimmyChoos Sat 16-Oct-10 18:11:36

Ooooh how exciting! Damascus is LOVELY!

I am not sure about cargo'ing over. I will ask DH (from Damascus) if he knows anything about it and I'll get back to you.

What are you studying and what part of Damascus are you living in?

Pack me with you?? grin

frikonastick Sun 17-Oct-10 13:46:09

its pretty tricky bringing stuff into syria

are you or your husband syrian (because then its no worries) if not, then you will be charged duty on everything. even if it is used.

basically the only way to bring things in that wont be charged for is in your suitcase when you fly. so if you send unaccompanied baggage you can get stuff in. anything that comes with a moving company or courier will be charged.

alternatively you can do what we did (but were moving an entire household) which is to get a special dispensation on duty charges. we have to pay a fee every year to have our things here and when we leave, every item on the origional manifesto must leave. or they will charge us the duty.

if you are affiliated with any government organisation (embassy, UN etc etc) then its different again. but for a 'normal' person, its very difficult.

hope this helps.

UmmNoor Mon 18-Oct-10 17:27:37

Many thanks for the replies.

My husband and I are going to study Arabic. We are currently trying to organise accommodation through friends in an area called Muhajirin. I will be at the mahad in Mezzeh and my husband at the Abu Noor Institute.

Unfortunately, neither of us are Syrian. I will look into sending unaccompanied luggage. It will mainly be pots/pans/toys/bedding. We will be doing minimalistic (going back to student days!)But what exactly is "unaccompanied baggage"-is it extra allowance which you buy from the airline when you travel? I think that for £40, BA allows you to buy 20kg-is it a similar thing?

Puss- would love to take you! do you visit there often?

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frikonastick Tue 19-Oct-10 06:34:05

yes, thats exactly right. i know BMI do a direct flight that is cheaper than BA, you could give them a ring and see what their rates are for unaccompanied baggage.

am so jealous, we have lived in the ME for nearly 10 years and my arabic is still very basic. its a full time committment to learn, everyone we know who is fluent has taken between 3 and 5 years to learn!

good luck on your journey and studies, damascus is a pretty cool place to live

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