German/ Austrian estate agents - how do you find them?

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hotpotmama Sat 11-Sep-10 22:21:03

We have just been on holiday to Bavaria and were interested in how much property over there would cost. Tried searching online for estate agents but didn't get very far.

So, does anyone know where the best places to look are? Just a pipe dream but who knows, if we win the lottery one day then may come true!

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romaniabound Sun 12-Sep-10 10:33:49

Try and this will let you search by postcode (this is a nationwide website and smaller estate agents will often list their property on here and that in turn will give you details of the smaller estate agents in the areas of interest).

Warning: prices in the tourist hotspots will make your eyes water!!

hotpotmama Sun 12-Sep-10 21:47:59

Thanks romaniabound. Will try that. Yes, we are only looking out of interest. Could maybe afford a tent at one of the campsites!!

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MmeLindt Mon 13-Sep-10 08:50:05 is good.

Engel & Völkers for real proper property porn, very upmarket.

canella Mon 13-Sep-10 11:22:47

we're in the north of bavaria (so not the trendy tourist part) and i think its amazing what you can get for your money round here!! we live in a mansion compared to what we lived in the UK for about £60,000 more! and we've got a sauna!!

but BIL & SIL live in a 1 bedroom flat in Munich and are struggling to find a decent affordable house despite the 2 of them having good jobs.

Have a fun time looking at the websites suggested! we used to find our house!

hotpotmama Tue 14-Sep-10 22:21:11

Ah thanks all. Will have a look smile

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butterflybarb Thu 02-Dec-10 09:23:09

A sauna?! I'm living in the wrong place clearly! You wouldn't get anything like that for your money here in Bristol! Houses here are incredibly expensive!
If you are still looking for places to look, I normally use for accommodation abroad. May be worth a look to get a general idea of property prices around Germany?

Good luck with your search.

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