Calling all Americans - advice please on the name "Sam Hill"

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InTheZenGarden Mon 06-Sep-10 16:46:29


Sanielle - I know, it does seem crazy looking this far ahead in my unborn son's life! Nothing like an over-protective, planning-it-all-out mother, eh? wink

Rosietoes - Hill is a nightmare, isn't it? It's either famous Hills, or names that sound like place names! As for Gordon Bennett, it's basically an expression of surprise/shock, kind of like "goodness me" I guess, or "oh my god". Could also be used in a "oh, for goodness sake" kind of way. Not used loads, but pretty much everyone will have heard it. No idea who the guy was though!

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rosietoes Mon 06-Sep-10 13:08:29

By the way, what does Gordon Bennett mean exactly?

sanielle Mon 06-Sep-10 12:15:12

I think most all Americans will find it funny if they meet someone named Sam Hill. But not so funny that you can't use the name

((Might be a wee bit early to be planning his international buisness career though grin )

rosietoes Mon 06-Sep-10 11:40:35

DH's surname is also Hill. We had same problem with that and other hidden name issues.
Hill seems like such a simple name, but can't name the child William! or Ben (name in my family is Benedict), can't use Antony, Ant Hill. Can't use Eve, as my mother pointed out, Ev-ill.

Sam Hill is very old-fashioned American pseudo-swear, like 'For the love of Pete!' or 'Jimeny Crickets!' Used in my grandfather's day, but not now.
If you named your child Sam, hardly any American's will even know it, and if they do, they'll just smile about it. It's harmless, possibly slightly annoying if they go to the USA and meet OAPs, but has no bad connotations. Like calling your child Jane, and people asks 'Where's Tarzan?'

InTheZenGarden Sun 05-Sep-10 16:35:00

Yeah, I did wonder how well known it was these days. I guess like Gordon Bennett then - very few people actually use is as an expression, but a person with that name would get a few raised eyebrows or sniggers.

Sigh, back to the drawing board then....


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ArthurPewty Sun 05-Sep-10 15:33:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

InTheZenGarden Sun 05-Sep-10 15:24:50

I've posted this in the baby names threads as well, but wondered if anyone here could comment?

We are due a DS, our surname is Hill and the only name we can agree on is Sam. I was really happy with this, but then DH googled it, just to see who any famous Sam Hills might be..... and apparently it is a slang American term, and a euphemism for hell or the devil!? i.e. what the Sam Hill is going on?

We live in the UK, and have never heard of this over here, so have no concerns with it in day to day use. And without wanting to look too far ahead in our son's future, we also don't want to lumber him with a name that meant that should he wish to work in the US, he would have a name that would be ridiculed.

So, is it the equivalent of calling him "Gordon Bennett"? Or is it a quite unused/unheard of slang name?


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