ships to Australia now!

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esselle Wed 25-Aug-10 05:41:11

Oh dear I am a little bit silly excited to have discovered this and had to share.grin

This also includes Old Navy and Banana Republic too.

There is loads of really cheap kids summer clothes on sale at Old Navy which is perfect for our summer!

Yay! Yay!

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savoycabbage Wed 25-Aug-10 07:03:48

They have waited until we have a Gap in Chadstone before they will ship! Still, we will be able to get things in the sale.

HowsTheSerenity Wed 25-Aug-10 07:19:55

Really!! Excellent. Another shop to add to my online list. I am not looking forward to maoving back to Brisvegas and the bad bad shopping.

esselle Wed 25-Aug-10 08:27:25

I know the store is opening in Chadstone tomorrow. Typical hey!!

The range online is 100x biggger than what we will get here though.

I will have to go and check out the new store soon. If they have gapkids I will be sure to spend way too much!

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thelittlestkiwi Fri 27-Aug-10 04:20:54

has anyone tried to do an order though? a few of us in nz did and the shipping was outrageous! (over $100)

babylanguagelearner Fri 27-Aug-10 05:35:07

haven't tried it myself but there is also a new (to me) website called hopshopgo which, if you have a paypal account, will give you a US address to shop with and then they post it to you at "competitive" rates. Can therefore shop with lots of US retailers incl gap and banana republic etc

savoycabbage Fri 27-Aug-10 07:47:00

Tried to see what the shipping was going to be and to compare the prices to the Gap in chadstone and everything that I put in my basket said 'no international shipping'...what a let down. It is cheaper that our new Gap by quite a lot but we can't get the stuff.


esselle Fri 27-Aug-10 11:17:48

Oh bugger!

I also tried to order and most things I tried were not available.

Will have the go to Chadstone I guess. Or start my Xmas list for MIL in UK.

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esselle Fri 27-Aug-10 11:19:43

Thanks bll I will have a look.

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Parrotcake Sat 28-Aug-10 08:03:44

do they ship GAP Kids too?

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