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I want to move back to the UK !!!

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happychappy Thu 19-Aug-10 09:11:38

But how to get there is the question????

PestoEatsPastiesandSurfboards Thu 19-Aug-10 09:20:42

Are you close? Ferry or tunnel p'raps?

kreecherlivesupstairs Thu 19-Aug-10 09:41:27

Moving back is something we'll have to think about either next year or the one after. It's a scary proposition.
OP, why do you want to move back? Is there any reason why you can't?

ZZZenAgain Thu 19-Aug-10 09:43:39

you want to do a quick bunk or you want to do a full-scale move, talk dp into it, sell up, take all your stuff, etc?

happychappy Fri 20-Aug-10 07:13:56

We cant sell up, we will lose too much in tax, we all want to move back, me the kids and the hubby. WE HATE ITALY. Everything except the people and the food.

Reasons to stay


Reasons to go

no security
This list is very long. but as I work in schools and I have two children, the education systems shitness is very very high on the list

I know Im rantiny

It makes me feel better

mummytime Fri 20-Aug-10 07:22:41

Get a plan. Work out how much you could sell for, and how much you would get. Is letting an option? Holiday lets?

Can your DH get a job in the UK? Is he applying? I would start with this, maybe they would help with relocation.

Where in the UK do you want to live? Could you rent? Live with relatives?

Do try to plan this throughly. If you are that unhappy, then how much do you put on your happyness (or the value of schools).

Good luck!

happychappy Fri 20-Aug-10 07:28:47

we have made a plan of sorts, If we can find anything in terms of work before Christmas in the UK, we are going to go anyway and wait it out on the dole. WE have both had enough of 70/75 hour weeks and stress stress stress

Portofino Fri 20-Aug-10 08:26:41

Are you sure you will be entitled to any benefits? I thought there were "rules" if you had been out of the country for some time...?

happychappy Fri 20-Aug-10 09:32:32

We paid tax for the best part of 20 years so and we are in a european country. I think yes

ZZZenAgain Fri 20-Aug-10 16:41:00

have just read your post on the other thread about moving to Italy.

If the job is so insecure and the school is the major negative factor, could you take your dc out and HE them until you go back. I know it may not work out financially but if you don't have a definite job offer from September, that might take some of the stress off you.

Sorry it hasn't worked out for you. Is your dh's position in Italy reasonably secure or is it all up in the air too?

LaRagazzaInglese Sun 22-Aug-10 19:03:31

Yay! me too! we hate Italy yay! even the people! (joking) im moving back octoberish i hope, we went to the CAB in uk and they told us all our rights and things we would be entitled too, it's more than we originally thought, the only thing we're not sure about is the 6 month rule. That you have to be living in the UK for at least 26 weeks out of the last 52 to be eligible for certain things. It said sometimes some EU countries might count as Great Britain in certain cases. For example my husband claims incapacity benefit from the uk and took it with him, i.e he is allowed to claim it here in IT and therefore the 6 month rule may not apply. (Fingers crossed)

Look on directgov website or see if you can have a phone interview with the Citizens Advice Beureau. They were really helpful and realistic and explained everything. Unlike here!

Anyway income support, job seekers allowance, child benefit, even child tax credits i think you would be entitled to straight away, i asked the CAB about CTC because i havent paid any tax to the UK in the last 12 months he said we would be eligible anyway! I would say you might get stuck with the 6 month rule, but it is only 6 months.

In the past month i've had 3 panic attacks and been breathing through a paper bag! we are both soooooooooooooo stressed! what will happen in england in the space of a few months is what we've been waiting for here for the past 5 years, and still not successful!!!!! <sings..."we gotta get outta this place"...>

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