Holiday Let - Nairobi - themasterandmargaritas?

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PDR Sat 07-Aug-10 19:24:37

Do you know of any short-term rentals in Nairobi - we are coming over next June for 2 weeks or so and will have a new baby so want to be as far away from the outlaws as possible lol!

Need 3 beds but that's about it....

I have found one house on which looks ok, so have emailed the owner but not much else.

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JamInMyWellies Sat 07-Aug-10 19:32:09

She is over here at the mo. Have sent her a link to this via our post natal group.

PDR Sat 07-Aug-10 21:22:18

Thank you

Totally no hurry on getting back to me though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Themasterandmargaritas Sun 08-Aug-10 11:11:00

Thanks Jam, back home now smile

Hi PDR, congratulations! The outlaws are in Nanyuki aren't they? Where would you like to be in Nairobi? There are guest houses Village Market way which would be perfect.

Try for a few other choices, if you have no luck let me know and I can scour a few notice boards. smile

PDR Sun 08-Aug-10 12:32:49

Really doesn't matter where in Nairobi - what's the name of the guest houses near Village Market? That would be a fab loaction.

Looked at holidayhomeskenya - not much choice in Nairobi (though some of the ones at Coast look lovely - will bear that in mind next time we go). Fadhili House looks ok and in Karen so near my SIL and obv we know the area but might be a bit small.

Yes outlaws are in Nanyuki - they will come over no doubt for a few days but stay with SIL not us - I want to keep my own space!

Thanks again so much for your help!

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Themasterandmargaritas Wed 11-Aug-10 12:22:16

I'll look out for some names whilst I'm at Village next. In the mean time if you want to CAT me I can give you the email address of a lady that deals with long term rentals in Karen but I'm sure she would be able to help too....

PDR Thu 19-Aug-10 10:33:02

Thank you for your email

I will get in touch with the people you have suggested a bit nearer the time...

Hope I don't lose my bottle about bringing a newborn before then!

Hope you are well!

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Themasterandmargaritas Tue 24-Aug-10 20:50:47

It's easy with a newborn I promise. smile

I'll keep an ear out in the meantime.

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