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Maternity hospitals in Langedoc? Any locals that can help?

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PinkTeaForTwo Mon 29-Jul-13 07:48:36

Hi GoogietheEgg-
If you're still around please could you tell me name of hospital? I'm on holiday locally, 28weeks pg and in need of check by local maternity doc as leaking sad

smokeybacon Wed 04-Aug-10 13:32:29

Thank you! Thats pretty close to us I think so am feeling quite reassured.

Hoping that the holiday will be uneventful but thank you so much for your offer. I hope you won't be hearing from me!!!!

googietheegg Wed 04-Aug-10 13:16:07

Hello, there is one in Narbonne which has just opened in the last year or two.

You're welcome to contact me if you want any help as I live nearby.

smokeybacon Wed 04-Aug-10 13:07:18


Just wonderered if there was anyone living in Languedoc on here that can assist me? I want to be prepared, just in case...

We're off on holiday when I will be 25 weeks pg with twins. We will be in Castlenaudry for a week and Serignan Plage for a week (near Narbonne, I think).

Can anyone tell me where the nearest hospital with a neo natal intensive care unit it? There is no reason to think I'll need it, but I guess I should know and googling doesn't produce anything that helps.


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