French speaker - please translate!!

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thesleepyprincess Wed 21-Jul-10 11:33:53

I just can't work this phrase out...would really appreciate a translation. (Tried putting it into babelfish but came back with gobbledegook!!)

aussi vous avez du recevoir un papier à remplir, vous remplissez au mieux

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Othersideofthechannel Wed 21-Jul-10 11:37:25

"Also, you must have received a form to complete. Fill it in as best you can"

FingonTheValiant Wed 21-Jul-10 11:37:31

Also, you should have received a paper to fill in, fill it in as best you can.

Pretty much

gorionine Wed 21-Jul-10 11:40:31

I concure with previous posterssmile the grammar of that sentence (in french) is really wrong though!smile

thesleepyprincess Wed 21-Jul-10 11:48:14

Merci beaucoup!!!!

I love MN smile

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