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mrsspock Sat 17-Jul-10 14:20:47

hello, am expecting 2nd dc in august and wondereed if anyone had experienced VBAC at university hospital zurich (DD was born by ecs at uch london because she was breech and didn't turn). I met with the consultant last week who said I could attempt trial of labour (is that the correct term) but didn't really offer any other information at all..other than to say that they couldn't induce me with drugs if i went over the due date but would use some balloon type thing(!!!!). Any advice/personal stories appreciated..thanks

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Waedigirl Sun 18-Jul-10 13:52:03

No personal experience (dd was induced then eventually cs in Horgen hospital) but I know University hospital has an outstanding reputation. Also my experience of people giving birth in Switzerland is they are open to and encouraging of very natural methods - but as soon as there is a slight complication they tend to medicalise it very quickly.

The quality of the care here is fantastic and you should be very very well looked after. Hope it goes well.

mrsspock Wed 21-Jul-10 15:50:21

Thanks Waedigirl! Will get started on the raspberry tea/curry/sex whatever.

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