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mums/families in Brussels?

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frazzlenz Wed 14-Jul-10 13:29:53

Hi, I just saw the Antwerp threads so I thoought I'd start a Brussels one

I just arrived in Brussels 3 weeks ago with my partner and 3 children. I'm really keen to meet some other families/mums and make some new friends. Currently we are in Brussels 1000 but in a month we'll be settleing in Wolowue St Pierre.

I think I'll join the BCT but in the meantime I'd be keen to catch up with other mums/kids for a play in the park or a coffee. If anyone knows of any other organisations for expats then I'd love to hear about them too.


RuthChan Wed 14-Jul-10 21:26:54

Hi Frazzlenz
Welcome to Brussels!!

I'm not in Brussels myself, I'm in Waterloo, just to the south.

There are quite a few other MNs in the area too. Maybe one or two others will find this thread too...

How old are your children?
My DS is 20 months and my DD is 3.5.

The BCT is certainly great. It is a really good way to meet other parents and to find playmates for your children.
Many people at the coffee mornings tend to be the parents of quite young children, mainly toddlers, but it's possible to meet people with older children too.

I'm sure there are other groups in Brussels, but I'm afraid I don't know any of them. The BCT is certainly the biggest and it's a great place to start.

frazzlenz Thu 15-Jul-10 16:11:13

Hi RuthChan, thanks for your reply and for the welcome. I have 3 DS's who are 4, 7 and 11. If the coffee groups are for mums and toddlers I'll find it harder to meet people but I will give the BCT a try.

scaryteacher Thu 15-Jul-10 18:45:14

Where will your kids be going to school Frazz? If it's the BSB let me know as ds goes there and there are things to get involved in during term time - classes for the Mums, trips, book groups etc.

frazzlenz Thu 15-Jul-10 21:11:47

No they aren't going to BSB. They are going to a school in Stockel. Sounds like good stuff for the mums at BSB though!

monkeybumsmum Thu 22-Jul-10 09:54:38

Just seen this thread now, hello frazzlenz and welcome smile (Hi Ruth and Scary too)

I'm not in Brussels either, am way out in the countryside, but I do work in Brussels... My ds is three and a half, so would be very interested in meeting your little one! As Ruth said, there are quite a few of us MN'ers here, and we have been known to organise meet-ups/cinema trips sporadically.
Perhaps we should think about doing another meet-up?

frazzlenz, if you'd like to send me your contact details to add to our list then the email address is I'll send round an updated list to everyone then, and maybe we can get something organised!

RuthChan Fri 23-Jul-10 19:57:23

Hi MBM (Waves)

Yes, I think another meet-up is a great idea.
I think we've got time to organise one in August.
What do you think...?

rushingrachel Tue 27-Jul-10 13:12:44

Hello. Just seen your post ... am in Brussels too, live on edge of Auderghem/WSP. My son is 2, so am a toddler mum. I go to a BCT coffee morning every now and again and it's not exclusively for toddler mums. I think it's just that people with toddlers are more likely to be on career break or desperate to get out of the house!

LongtimeinBrussels Fri 30-Jul-10 22:37:46

Hope I'm not too late with this. Welcome to Brussels frazzlenz. I live in Auderghem, not too far from WSP (must be near to you rushing rachel). My children are pretty old now though (21, 19 and 11) but I used to go to BCT coffee mornings with the two older ones and I can't recommend it enough. I'm still a member (and founder member of the Lifers group for those of us here long-term) in fact!

There's a British Women's Club which has a Mum 'n' Youngs grouphere and their club house is in Woluwe St Pierre though I've never been a member as when the children were young the club was more for older women and the Mum 'n' Youngs group didn't exist. Maybe I should join now that I've now reached that older woman stage?!

Portofino Sat 31-Jul-10 22:52:51

Hi all! A new meet up is definitely on the cards! Can it be nearly a year since the last one? I live in Nossegem with 6 yo dd, but work in Brussels. I 2nd, 3rd or 4th even the BCT, but there are some lovely MNetters here!

frazzlenz Sun 01-Aug-10 10:04:10

Hi, back again Thanks for all the replies.
I'd be keen to join in some catch ups. I've been here 5 weeks now and not having any friends to chat to is starting to get to me a bit. My DP is away for work quite a bit too so its just me and the kid in our temp apartment shock

I'm joining the BCT this week so I'll see what happens there.

MBM, I'll send you my details.


Portofino Mon 02-Aug-10 10:24:53

I work in Brussels, near to the Gare du Nord/Place Rogier, so if you fancy lunch one day....?

frazzlenz Mon 02-Aug-10 19:08:37

is there a private message function PF?

Portofino Mon 02-Aug-10 19:34:28

There's CAT or contact poster - see blue panel - but you have to pay! You can email me on, but let me know as I don't check it very often.....I have Monkeybum's email etc.....

LongtimeinBrussels Mon 02-Aug-10 20:59:44

and Portofino has mine too. Feel free to give it to frazzlenz Porto.

aimecommemaman Sun 09-Apr-17 13:37:20

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

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