Mums in Antwerp?!

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Fergie29 Mon 12-Jul-10 19:53:05

Hello, I am due to move to antwerp (surrounding area) in August time with husband and 3 month old baby girl and would really like to make some friends before we arrive - is this thread still active? New to mumsnet too so not sure how it all works!!

Is great to hear some positive stuff being said about Antwerp, was a bit worried i would be missing out by not being in Brussels!! But it seems there are English speaking mums in Antwerp too )

Fergie x

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kreecherlivesupstairs Tue 13-Jul-10 11:16:09

Me and my DD are going to live there on Mondaygrin, DH will follow once he has sorted out the flat we rent here. She will be too old to be friends with your DD, she's 9.2grin. which part of Antwerp will you be in? We are moving to Brasschaat.

Fergie29 Tue 13-Jul-10 19:08:17

Hi thanks for replying!

Well exact location not yet decided, we are coming out to look this weekend, and we will be choosing from what we see and we are going to be looking in Brasschaat, Schilde and Kapellen. hmm

It seems from the threads that i have seen that there are mums though so i am feeling reassured

Good luck with your move and if you meet any mummies with young babies before we get there maybe you could point me in the right direction when we arrive...

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Fergie29 Wed 21-Jul-10 13:07:13

Hi Kreecherlivesupstairs,
We found a house - it is lovely and not too far from Brasschaat or Antwerp!! Are you there yet?!

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