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Please help my old friend achieve her dying wish

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MrsBodger Mon 03-Jun-13 10:53:48

I attach a link to her website. It shows a short video which will tell you all about it much more clearly than I can:

She has been ill for many years and has put all her efforts into trying to help other people in need of organ donation. I know some people don't want to register to donate, but if you think you could, please, please take the two minutes now and do it.

MrsBodger Mon 03-Jun-13 11:14:45


MrsBodger Mon 03-Jun-13 12:11:18

and again

DreamsTurnToGoldDust Mon 03-Jun-13 12:20:28

Already registered as is most of my family, sadly there are not enough donars out there, which is heartbreaking for the many many waiting.

Very best wishes for you friend x

DreamsTurnToGoldDust Mon 03-Jun-13 12:21:39

A very good friend benefitted from a donated liver when she was less than 24 hours away from dying, so miracles can happen.

MrsBodger Mon 03-Jun-13 12:28:17

Thanks, Dreams, good to be reminded that there's still hope. But I just wish that all those people who don't have strong feelings against organ donation would take the very very small amount of trouble to register!

MatersMate Mon 03-Jun-13 12:29:46

Done! x

DreamsTurnToGoldDust Mon 03-Jun-13 12:36:12

Surely this is the time to make it `opt out` instead of `opt in` isnt it, it seems most people wouldnt mind but just dont think to either register or tell family. I guess until your in that position.............

MrsBodger Mon 03-Jun-13 12:48:28

Thank you, MatersMate, you are an absolute star!

MrsBodger Mon 03-Jun-13 13:02:25

And another bump

Glitterfairys Mon 03-Jun-13 13:10:22

I've registered smile

Scootergrrrl Mon 03-Jun-13 13:12:31

Done. Brave, brave woman. Good luck to her.

MrsBodger Mon 03-Jun-13 13:19:32

Glitterfairys and Scootergrrrl - thank you so much.

You're right, she is very brave. There's not much anyone can do to help her chances of survival (except pray for that miracle) but at least we can help her achieve her goal.

MrsBodger Mon 03-Jun-13 13:25:17

And bump

GoblinGranny Mon 03-Jun-13 13:26:15

We're all potential organ donors here, even DS who hates to give away anything. It seems so very illogical not to, when the good that it does is so wonderful.

MrsBodger Mon 03-Jun-13 13:36:46

Yes, it does seem a bit of a no-brainer.

Love the line about your DS.

MrsBodger Mon 03-Jun-13 13:43:41

and bump

Wheresmycaffeinedrip Mon 03-Jun-13 13:47:42

I already registered too x

I hope your friend gets her miracle xx

MrsBodger Mon 03-Jun-13 13:54:08

Thanks for the support, Wheres.

MiceElfAgin Mon 03-Jun-13 13:56:51

T"is done.
Wish your friend luck from me.
She is very brave indeed.

MrsBodger Mon 03-Jun-13 14:03:48

I will pass on your message, MiceElfAgin - thank you.

MrsBodger Mon 03-Jun-13 14:21:09


MrsBodger Mon 03-Jun-13 14:32:53


mouseymummy Mon 03-Jun-13 14:38:22

Im already registered and have been for a while now. Ive also got dh to register.

I think it's so important to change the system to an opt out.

Your friend will be in my prayers xx

MrsBodger Mon 03-Jun-13 14:47:16

Thanks, mouseymummy. I'm sure mumsnetters' prayers are extra strong.

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