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Adult nappies URGENT

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Bunchness Fri 15-Jan-21 18:43:12

I am supporting my dad for palliative care and am desperate To get hold of some id slip expert size LARGE. I have some that are like pull-ups but it's increasingly difficult to get these on. Does anyone know anywhere near SE11 Kennington/Waterloo where I could get some urgently. He only has days left and I'm so lost and so desperate to help him be comfortable for as long as possible. Thank you so much

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TheSpottedZebra Fri 15-Jan-21 18:46:31

Have you tried a local chemist, like a Jardines type one?
Call them, they'll probably know.

Sorry for the awful time you're having. Wishing you both peace.

TheSpottedZebra Fri 15-Jan-21 18:47:22

Or have you a hospice /hospice at home / Macmillan contact?

pinguwings Fri 15-Jan-21 18:48:50

I would order off Amazon for next day delivery

Can your hospice or district nurses help at all?

In the mean time you could cut the sides of the pull up and remove the elastic seam to create a make shift flat pad

Girliefriendlikespuppies Fri 15-Jan-21 18:49:01

Are the district nurses involved? They could get you some.

Otherwise the big chemists such as Boots would be your best bet.

Shieldingending Fri 15-Jan-21 18:49:19

Often chemists sell them, do you have a district nurse involved. They should be able to help

windsorblue Fri 15-Jan-21 18:49:22

Try Amazon they normally have them.

BigSkyLife Fri 15-Jan-21 18:49:25

Have you tried incontinence choice online. They usually deliver the next day of yiu order before 9pm

windsorblue Fri 15-Jan-21 18:55:36

If you need them tonight you could try Asda the large stores normally stock Tena ones I think .

Bunchness Fri 15-Jan-21 19:41:52

Thank you all so much for your kindness. District nurse can't get any nor hospice at home before Monday. Amazon seem only able to deliver Tuesday. Will try chemists in morning. X

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AdditionalCharacter Fri 15-Jan-21 19:50:44

Sorry to hear about your dad flowers

You can buy men's Tena slips from Tesco and Boots that will see you through the weekend if you're able to get to one.

Blacktothepink Fri 15-Jan-21 19:52:44

Boots, our Asda chemist deliver.
You could also do a call out on local FB support page.

DeeDimer Fri 15-Jan-21 19:58:51

Could you try really large sanitary towels until you get some proper ones? Or tena ladies?
I'm sorry you're going through this x

MrsSchadenfreude Fri 15-Jan-21 19:58:57

Try Cam Pharmacy on Kennington Road, they are super helpful, and may well ring round to see if anyone has any in stock if they can’t help. Or Hill’s on Kennington Lane. The Boots at Waterloo is a good size one, you could also give them a try.

I’m so sorry that you snd your Dad are having to go through this.

Bunchness Sat 16-Jan-21 16:31:31

Sorry not to respond. Hospital given some (6) for now and still trying to find some more. Ordered some for delivery Tuesday. Thank you so much for your kindness

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TheSpottedZebra Sat 16-Jan-21 16:59:53

Glad you found some. Hope the others arrive asap.
Take care x

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