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Final weeks - pancreatic/liver cancer - any advice?

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Notverygrownup Sat 26-Sep-20 22:39:29

Hi. Mum in law is 95, was diagnosed back in April, and hopes to stay at home, with the support of family, carers and district nurses. She has a palliative team who phone up every now and then but will only speak to the patient (as she didn't have a power of attorney for H & W) so she tells them she's 'fine' - if she's awake when they phone. She doesn't really understand who they are.

The district nurses visit weekly now and seem to be very helpful, and carers are involved twice daily. Someone is always with her.

Things are now progressing - she eats a light meal every second day, and has drinks, complan and fortisip inbetween. She is mainly sleeping 20 - 22 hours a day: very tired/very weak, but fortunately very little pain. A few nightmares/hallucinations, so has a light sedative now. Able to stand briefly, with help, to get to a commode, but that's about it.

Macmillan helpline has been really useful, but they can't give us any idea of how far down the line we are. Apologies if this is triggering/takes you back to a very difficult time, but any advice much appreciated. Our gut feeling is that she has perhaps four to six weeks, and that symptoms are likely to become more unpleasant in the last couple of weeks but we wondered if anyone had been through similar, and had any advice for us.

We have had the "Just in case box" delivered with the syringe driver for morphine. No idea when/how long that tends to be iused for . . .

Thank you so much for any advice.

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notapizzaeater Sat 26-Sep-20 23:14:05

Sorry can't help you but my DH has terminal lung cancer (oncology quoting 7-11 weeks left now) he's come out of hospital yesterday with the end of life meds ready.

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