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Carno13 Sat 21-Sep-19 16:40:04

My dad died earlier this year after being diagnosed with a type of glioblastoma in 2017.
In June my mum was diagnosed with glioblastoma also.
I am really not having a good day today, my mum is coming to the end of her 6 week radiotherapy and chemotherapy and is going next week to see if she has been accepted on an immunotherapy trial.
I am just heartbroken at all of this. I hold my feelings in and try not to think about it but it is so unfair, my dad was a wonderful man, so kind and loving and I just feel furious that he has been taken from us. And now my mum gets the same thing? I feel so angry.
I know this is a stage, I remember feeling really angry when my dad got diagnosed.
My mum is down today because she feels so tired and recognises the signs from when my dad was ill.
I never really speak to anyone about all this, I just hold it in and try to be strong. I just feel so sad today, it’s so hard keeping myself together, to look after my 2 kids who honestly deserve better than all this happening to them and our family.
Sorry for the rant I just really needed to get it all out.

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Minxmumma Sat 21-Sep-19 19:19:42

Didn't want to read and run. Please remember to take care of yourself as well. Gentle hugs x flowers

girlofthenorth Fri 27-Sep-19 18:11:26

It's a hard horrible thing that the illness has happened a second time in your family ! What an awful coincidence- I'm so sorry . I remember feeling so angry when my mum died. Is there anyone you can open up to at all in RL? thanks

Carno13 Fri 27-Sep-19 18:52:53

Thanks for the replies xxx. My husband is really good, but I feel like when I open up about it all, it upsets me more. I like to keep a lid on it but sometimes it just needs to come out, hence starting this thread. Since I posted this thread my mum has been accepted and begun a trial, so that’s good news.
You couldn’t make it up it happening twice.

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crazyhead Thu 03-Oct-19 18:00:44

My mum died of GBM and I wanted to send you a virtual hug. Not an easy disease to be positive about is it? Though I wanted to say that my Mum had four good years post diagnosis, and I hope your Mum does as well as poss on this trial.

Also sort of in common, my dad got diagnosed with aggressive prostate cancer at the time of mum’s death and has just had a recurrence. It’s just so hard - I think before I never thought of us as a cancer family but suddenly it alters everything - as well as grief for parents it makes you worry about yourself even though it is completely illogical in the case of randomly occurring GBM and (since i’m female) prostate cancer.

And just waiting for the sodding phone calls, and the fear of what the hell next - it’s really hard. I think when Mum died, the only ‘good’ thing was the thought of a break from that fear - to have it again with Dad felt so unfair.

Cancer is so so awful and GBM is particularly so. So in summary hugs, and I really really hear you on this one xx

Carno13 Sat 05-Oct-19 17:33:48

Thank you so much Crazyhead, you hit the nail on the head on so much in your post.
The fear of what next is a big one as well as being a ‘cancer family.’
Also, when it was all over with dad and then starting back up again with mum, it is just so unfair I could scream.
Thank you so much for your reply xxx

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Carno13 Sat 05-Oct-19 17:34:18

I’m sorry that this has happened to you too. Big love xxxx

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yolofish Fri 11-Oct-19 00:26:28

GBM is the most horrible, filthy disease, and I am so so sorry it has hit your family twice like this - no one would ever bet on those odds. My best friend lost her daughter, aged 19, to glio, and one of my and DH's oldest friend also died from it. Friend and I started a charity for glio research, we now have someone in place at Kings College Hospital in London working on the disease. If you would like details, please let me know.

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